Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zen and Coffee Designs!

First things first... you have to allow me to celebrate that Spain will be playing the final of the World Cup against Holland! Hooray!! The very first time we've made it this far!!

And now, we will continue with the scheduled program for the day...

Today's blog entry is dedicated to Wren from Zen And Coffee designs, and her lovely arm warmers and fingerless gloves! I met Wren at the Attack of Craft forum, and loved her shop! She has all sort of fingerless gloves, from Alice inspired ones, to velvety ones, to any and all that you can wish for!

Since she belongs to the CraftAnon Etsy Street Team, she usually takes part of the weekly TNT sales (every Thursday a different sale on tons of Etsy shops), so I decided to take advantage of said sale one week, and got me two pairs of fingerless gloves!

All her pairs have unique names, and I got me the "She's In Parties" and the "The Sanity Assassin" pairs! Both are made with stretchy velvet fabric, both equally gorgeous!

The fabric is probably not the ideal for the heat wave we have right now, but it's not as hot to wear them as I would have expected either. They're really comfy and look great on!

She's In Parties

The Sanity Assassin

I'm already planning on what other pair(s) to get next! I have my eye on the Alice's Curiouser and Curiouser ones, and also in the First Jhana ones! But as I said, she has so many great pieces! She even has some Doctor Who inspired pieces!


  1. she does have some amazing gloves in her shop. it's almost hard to choose! the photos of you wearing them are very cool and mysterious. i love them!

  2. I love her armwarmers! I need to get me a pair soon. The photos of you wearing them are great! Love the poses. :p

  3. oooh I've been eyeing her armwarmers for a while now. your photos are really good!


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