Friday, July 9, 2010

Winning a Glamasaurus Giveaway!

Winning a giveaway is always a special feeling, and recently, I've been the happy winner of two!
First one was one of HeartSizedCrush's Free Shit Tuesdays, but I'll be dedicating a full blog entry to it, and the second one, was hosted by Gaming Angels, and the prize was a gift certificate to Andreanna's shop: Glamasaurus.

Glamasaurus is full of all things cute, geeky & delicious looking, and as her tagline says, it's so sweet that it'll give you cavities, just by looking at it!

So winning a $30 gift certificate to her shop was like giving a kid free reign on a sweet shop! But truth be told, I already knew what I wanted to get, since I had been wanting the most edible looking necklace in history since she listed it!: the Chocolate Deluxe Cookie necklace!

Getting a package from Andreanna is really like getting a present! It's wrapped so nicely, that it makes you feel not like you've bought something (or won something, in my case) but like you are getting a proper gift in the mail!

And inside that super cute packaging, there it was, the most realistic chocolate cookie made with polymer clay in existence! And if you add to it, the faux whipped cream and the mini plastic donuts & chocolate... it looks so delicious you wanna eat it!

She also sent me a super cute mushroom bobby pin, and a super cute cookie ring! The danger of such a ring is that you might end up nibbling on it when you are hungry and bored... cause once again, it looks like a proper yummy cookie!

Showing it off to the bf, he went on his usual rant for when I buy "food looking things": "You are evil! I'm gonna end up eating one of those things and then we'll end up with me in the ER and you explaining that I ate a piece of soap/necklace/etc that looked/smelt like chocolate/a donut/a cookie!" He does have a point, since he has already tried to bite into one of the delicious chocolate smelling soaps that I have while in the shower...

But I can't help it, I love all these food-looking goodies, even if they look delicious but are not edible! Even if I do feel like biting into them on occasion too... ;)


  1. that is so cutend yummy looking! I would want to eat it too:)

  2. ADORABLE!! I'm so impressed with the quality of her work. The cookie is amazing, and I collect mushrooms so I am totally in love with that hairpin. I'm so glad you won! You are such a lovely model when you show us how things look on you. Your sweet face makes me smile! :-)

  3. That really does look good enough to eat!! Yum!! :)

  4. wow those are amazing! love it all! it looks sooo yummy!


  5. totally feel you on the food stuff :D nothing wrong with that!

    and omg that packaging is SO CUTE! guess it's time for me to finally get those earrings... hm...

  6. congratulations! those are adorable!

  7. Congrats! Lucky you. :)Those look so cute, yummy! x


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