Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Skull And CrossBuns!!

Happy Hot Wednesday everyone!

Well, to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere at least... I'm sure people in the Southern Hemisphere in deep winter wouldn't mind a lil bit more heat, but I'm right now with the mobile AC unit on and still at 28ºC inside the house... so, yeah, a bit hot! But since today was a lovely post day, and I'm having a day off... I shall not complain!

Today's blog entry is dedicated to Miss Emily from Skull And Cross Buns (nope, not a typo, that's the name!) and her amazing hand carved rubber stamps! I met Emily through the amazing forum for crafters (and lovers of handmade) Attack of the Craft! and fell in love with her cute, quirky & rocking stamps! She has all sorts of stamps on both her Etsy & Folksy shops, from cute cupcakes (hence the Buns in her name) to skullies, rabbits, mushrooms, birds and all sorts of cute rocking goodies. And if that wasn't enough, she's extremely custom friendly!

And that's where she got me, on the custom friendly bit! I had seen this cool posters, versions of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters from the WW2 era, with many versions I'd love to own, but since I have no space for them yet, I thought, why not ask Emily for a more portable (and easier to store) version on a stamp? So, after choosing which ones I'd like, I asked her for a stamp version of the "Keep Calm and Snap On" (obvious one for a photography lover like me) and a entirely new "Don't Panic and Carry A Towel" one (which is a MUST for any H2G2 fan!) with a towel included, so you'll always be prepared!

Emily loved both ideas, and she set herself to work first on some sketches, so I could choose which look for the stamps I'd like better, and how did I want the towel to look like, and then carved the two awesome stamps that are now home with me!

When I got Emily's package, I found myself with a big surprise, since there were to packages inside, all stamped up with her super cute designs!

And inside one of them, were my two stamps, but what was in the other? Well, Emily is also a great Hitchhickers fan, and since she found out I never got to watch the original BBC series, she got me the DVD! =D Thank you SO MUCH, Emily!

The stamps are so masterly carved! Superbly even and with a great attention to detail! Can you see how great the lens looks in the camera? I can't believe how she manages to do that! And even more without losing any fingers! And I absolutely love that aside from the image on top of the stamp to let you know which is which, I love the tiny lil decorations all over them!

I had to wait for a bit till I got me some ink, and after all my trips around here, I still haven't found some decent ink pads (water based inks is what she recommends, and specially Versacolour & Versacraft), so I got me one on and even though it is a combined 3-colour one, it's better than anything! I still have to find a place where I can buy ink pads online without the shipping being a killer, and with some variety! But, here are my VERY first tries using my amazing stamps!

The stamping is obviously NOT perfect but I kinda dig the multicolour look of it! I surely will be working more on this, and will be getting myself more colours, and of course, more stamps!

Whether you want to add some cuteness to your packages, cards or if you're looking for a stamp with your shop logo, Emily is your girl! Go check her shop & convo her!

That's all for now, I'll probably be back with another blog entry tomorrow, since I also have it off, I just need to take some more photos. Hopefully this evening!

Oh and btw, unless you're German, I sure hope you will all be rooting for Spain this evening!!


  1. emily never ceases to amaze me with her stamps. they are so wonderfully crafted!!! i love your customs, especially the photo one - what a fabulous idea and so you! =)

  2. Emily is so sweet! She did such an amazing job with your stamps!

    I can't wait to get my logo stamp from her :)

  3. Hi Pili!
    I love them! They are so cool and would be perfect for making a plain white paper fun and chic :D
    So tempting.
    Gosh I can imagine it is very hot over there. Today it's cloudy but very humid here in London.

  4. What a fabulous post :D Thanks so much for your custom, I'm so pleased how they came out!

    Enjoy the DVD, the series is much better than the film version :)

    Oh and I'll send you a link for an inkpad supplier with pretty reasonable shipping to Spain, hope that helps! I do like the multicolour pad with the stamps, looks great!

  5. Her work is amazing. As soon as I can I will be asking for a custom of my bird on my logo. After reading this it makes me want one even more. And I LOVE your choices for your custom stamps.

  6. wowzers those look awesome =D The stamps are so expertly carved and they look great stamped!

  7. First of all....there's a BBC series??!!?? How did I not know this?! Is it good? I might jsut have to get it for Christmas!

    That was so sweet of Emily to get it for you! The stamps are super awesome too and I think I know where to go for my logo stamps now.

  8. That Don't Panic stamp is too awesome!!!!


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