Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hey there!

Yep, as promised I'm back! I've been thoroughly enjoying my day off, or maybe wasting it, take your pick, cause I haven't really done much aside from reading, watching some Torchwood and taking a few pics for this very blog entry!

Since I'm gonna be working morning shift tomorrow, I'm hoping I might be able to write another blog entry too, but on Friday I'll be leaving for a family celebration, for my sis-in-law and younger nephew's b-day! And I will be going back straight to work night shift on Saturday, so I'm hoping I'll be inspired in between to work on my self-portrait for the week!

Last week I decided to indulge myself (despite the recent expenses in the shape of plane tickets) and my Twilight fan side on the cutest lil pouch ever! It's so cute that even those non-fans or even the ones that dislike the books would find it really cute! (Even the bf did!).

I found Kukubee's shop doing a search on Etsy, for Twilight items, I like looking at what things I like (be it books, movies or even sushi!) can inspire on crafters of all kind! If you look for Twilight on Etsy, you'll get loads of jewellry, but you'll also get to find this cute pencil pouch, based on the famous line "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb".

As usual, before purchasing anything from a shop, I looked at profile, listings, shop policies and did a bit of reading on their feedback. That's something I highly recommend to anyone before making a purchase, to acquaint yourself with the shop's policies, and to read shop announcements and listings with attention, reading and paying attention seems to be becoming a lost art in the world of the internet shopping.

In their shop, you not only can find some really cute Twilight pouches, but also all sort of cute pouches and prints with their original illustrations with vampires, pandas and zombies gallore!

So, I bought my pouch last week, and only yesterday it arrived home, all the way from Canada! I couldn't be happier, it's even cuter in person than it looks in the pics, and I can't wait to fill it up with my headphones and other utilities and stuff it inside my hand-luggage for my trip to the States!

Isn't it soooo cute!?

I shall leave you now, since dinner and maybe Torchwood and/or some Twilight reading (Breaking Dawn) await for me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 14 (Monday edition)

Hi there!

Yeah, we've had quite a tough week, both Gaurav and myself. I worked 7 days on a row without time off and Gaurav was very busy working as an assistant for Philip Bloom, that was shooting an ad for Greenpeace over there at Delhi.

I'm hoping to have a pair of new blog entries some time this week, since I'm having a few days off this week.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 14

And now for a grand finale of the week, I give you the Sunday Shots!

This time our weekly self-portrait challenge didn't officially have a theme, Gaurav said he worked better without themes; but as it happens both pictures do have a common theme: what we were doing this past Saturday.

Gaurav was the leader of one of the two Delhi's Second WorldWide Scott Kelby's Photowalks and he took his shot while walking around the Lodhi Gardens:

I spent my Saturday updating my blog and editing pics, so you can see me sitting behind my lappy:

And that's all for this week! Stay tunned for more blog entries next week, though since it's gonna be a very busy week for me at work, I don't think I'll be as active as this weekend!


Well, well, well! Sunday again! No, this is NOT the blog entry for our weekly photography challenge. Gaurav hasn't sent me his photo yet, and I'm still debating which one of the few I took to use...

Instead, I'm writing yet another review, this time for the very awesome Karla from HeartSizedCrush!

I met Karla through DIYscene and fell in love with her wonderful artwork and designs, her necklaces and accesories have that cute but naughty and pin up feeling. She has worked creating custom pieces for various Roller Girls teams, as well as custom pieces for Colleen Duffy from Devil Doll (her line is named after one of their songs) and her designs are part of the band's merchandise now. She's now collaborating with the pin up model Angela Ryan, creating some custom necklaces for her.

In her shop she has a bit of everything: nautical stars, swallows, pin ups, sugar skulls, tattoo inspired butterflies... So when she offered a special sale, I jumped on it and purchased two necklaces I had been eyeing for a while: the lotus swallow and the tattoo butterfly.

Both are absolutely fantastic, with such vibrant colours! I'm absolutely in love with them!

Here you can see the lotus swallow (I think I'd say this is my favourite, but don't tell the butterfly):

And here is the old school tattoo butterfly, doesn't it have the most awesome colours?:

Stay tuned for yet another blog entry today, hopefully!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nuxie Made!

Good evening/afternoon!

How's everyone doing on this fine Saturday? I'm enjoying a rare weekend off, so I'm really enjoying the feeling of knowing I don't have to go anywhere and can do whatever I please!

That's why I've been doing some picture editing while listening to some music and having some decaf cappuccino, and now I'm all ready for my new entry!

Sometimes you find a shop while browsing Etsy, or even while looking for other stuff, and you start watching something and really want to get it, but it doesn't really feel like you should indulge yourself... That's what happened when I found NuxieMade.

I found her shop while looking for lil girl's clothing on Etsy, trying to find a nice present for one of Gaurav's nieces' b-day. I was checking this really nice shop called KateEmersonDesigns and saw a pair of dresses that I liked, and in the pics they were worn combined with this really cute hats/beanies, so I checked the listing and found a link to the shop that made the hats!

I wasn't sure if the hats would be something the girls would like, but damn, they were cute! And I did like them a lot! So I added NuxieMade to my favourites, and checked it now and then. To my surprise I saw that not only she made all baby, toddler and teen sizes, but she was also offering more and more adult sizes and even had the option to make any of her hats into adult size.

That was quite a temptation for me, but I added my favourite Beanie with Brim to my favourites and decided to wait for a better time to get it, and the time to fit it into my expenses came in May, yes, I know getting a yarn beanie for the warmer weather is not the brightest of ideas, but hey, I sure will be ready for autumn! ;)

She offers three sizes for adult hats, and I got me the robin's egg blue with rose pink, light pink and yellow flower. The cutest lil hat ever! According to her shop, she was taking about 4 weeks from time of order till completion and shipment (poor thing must have been buried under yarn and hats!) but I think it didn't take the full 4 weeks till my hat was shipped, and it only took one week in transit.

The hat is sooo well made, and the colours are fantastic in real life! I'm not sure if with all the tweaking around with my editing tools I've managed to reflect how lovely they are!

I'm really gonna love wearing this around this fall, and even if it was a bit hot to wear a yarn hat, I managed to take a pic wearing it, even if my face is a bit shiny cause of the heat! Ain't it the cutest lil hat ever?

I'm thinking that after summer I'll get myself the Riona knitted cardigan I've been eyeing for so long (maybe even in light pink? or would it be too much?) and I'll have the cutest and warmest set of cardigan and hat to get me through the autumn!

Friday, July 17, 2009

JPAT Purses!

Hello there!

Yes, I know, it is neither Monday nor Sunday, so you must be wondering if I'm finally updating the blog with something other than our weekly photography challenge? Well, the answer, indeed, is YES!

I've been overworked, sleeping badly, tired and un-motivated as of late. Worried about plans, and paperwork on one side, and with work with very few days off in between... I wasn't feeling like blogging much. But finally with a few days off, I'm finally going back to my long list of pending blog entries!

I'm starting with JPAT Purses, a great shop that I added to my favourites a few months ago. As everyone that knows me, knows I'm crazy about all sorts of bag and purses, and she has some really unique items in her shop!

I fell in love in particular with her Notebook Click It Wallets, which I found would be really useful for me on my sort-of-frequent plane trips (flying twice a year to India teaches you a few things about hand-luggage), and though I loved the design of it, and saw it on really nice fabrics, I didn't see one that I thought it was really ME. That was till I saw another of her bags in this really cute cherry fabric, and I thought "What if I ask her if she can make me a custom one?".

The whole process couldn't have been easier! She responded right away to my Etsy convo, was delighted to work on my custom Notebook Wallet, and three days after purchasing the custom listing, my new wallet was on its merry way to Spain!

It got here really soon, and it looked the perfect blend of cute and functional!

With its many slots/pockets for all the documents & stuff you need to have handy and in one place when travelling! You can have the passport, plane tickets, boarding passes, the info about the different passports and any other print outs of your vacation (hotels reservations and the like) and it fits right into your purse, making sure you don't have to fish around for any of them!

I always have waaay too many things in my purse, and that's why I like to have small pouches for make-up, hand sanitizers and the like, pencil cases and now this is the perfect complement for my hand-luggage bag! It fits like a charm inside my Dolly Bowling Bag, and it fits a number of my other roomy purses and bags perfectly too!

She has a lot of other unique and cute pouches and purses too, and right now she's having a big SALE for discontinued items, like her Eco baggies and her boxy zipper pouches, so if you want to check her out, I'm sure you'll find something you'll love in her shop!

I'll try to be back tomorrow with another blog entry... I have a lot of blog entries pending of pics, so I may work on that now... or maybe after an episode or two of Torchwood!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 13

Well, well, well... Can you believe it? Sunday shots actually happening on a Sunday!

This week I chose the theme, tea, and since we're both huge tea lovers, we managed to be inspired in time!

Gaurav's shot:

Did you notice that I'm loving using picnik?

Well, that's all for now folks, let's see if next week, with some more days off, I find the time and motivation to write a few more blog entries, and if not, I'll be here again on Sunday! (or Monday, at the latest!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 12 (Monday Edition)

Well, once again we have a late entry... We had agreed on starting on working on a theme, and see what each of us came up with. Gaurav choose "heat" and it proved quite tricky... mainly cause of the heat itself, that has been keeping us unmotivated and tired...

But finally, here they are, and they're not too bad shots, I'd say!

Here's Gaurav shot, and if I can say it myself, I have quite a hot boyfriend!

And here's mine, first shot edited using picnik!

Hopefully the heat and work won't leave me all unmotivated again this week so I can write some more blog entries this week.