Friday, July 2, 2010

A Few Lil Photos...

Hello there!

Happy Friday! I was planning to write another blog entry, but I still need to get some more shots for a few I have in the works, so I decided I'll just share a few photos I took during my weekend at the cottage last week!

A pair of shots of the lovely flowers my mum has:

And a few shots of Miss Cinnamon enjoying herself!:

More to come tomorrow, since I have the Saturday off!


  1. That is one contented dog :D Lovely pics, Pili :D

  2. your flower shots are simply gorgeous! and miss cinnamon looks as adorable as always! you take such great photos. =)

  3. Those are beautiful (and your dog is SO cute!!). Thanks for the envelope suggestion today...I am pretty sure I am going to make the switch!! :)

  4. You shots are wonderful Pili!
    And Cinnamon is so beautiful!

  5. Amazing photos. I am love the bright orange. And look at Cinnamon!!! She is sooo cute. What a smart looking doggy ;) Yes, she does look very content ;)


  6. Me encantan las fotos de las flores!


  7. Wonderful photo's!! Your dog is beautiful :)

  8. The orange flowers are beautiful! Is this marigold?
    Your dog is a darling!


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