Friday, April 30, 2010

Centuria Giveaway Winner!!

Hiya there!

Friday is finally here! Although for me it's getting closer to its ending!

As promised, today I got my friend Irene to be the innocent hand to pick the winner for my giveaway, and to compensate her, I invited her over to coffee & lemon muffins!

So without further ado, here goes the picking of the winner in photos!

Ta dah! The talented Lexiecakes from Headless Tess is the winner!! Congrats, Lexiecakes!!
I think I have your new address, but just in case, send it to me again!

Thank you everyone that entered for taking part of my very first giveaway!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

FabulouslyFierce Pets!!

Hello everyone!

How's your week going? I hope you're having a good week, and for those that are in need of the weekend, just think that tomorrow is Friday!

I've had a great few days away from everything at my parents' cottage, playing with my lil puppy Cinnamon/Canela, taking tons of photos (post about it on Sunday), relaxing, catching up on some reading and catching up on sleep!

During this days of relax I finally managed to take some proper shots of my puppy sporting her amazing FabulouslyFierce Pets collar!

The amazing Kylie, owner of the most awesome decor shop on Etsy: Fabulously Fierce, was inspired by her two doggies: Henry & Willow to work on pets fashion and open her own shop for amazing collars, leashes and everything your furbabies would want or need: FabulouslyFierce Pets!

She offers both custom and ready made items, and has some amazing collar & leash sets, on all the sizes your doggies (or cats) may need!

And here you can see my gorgeous pup sporting her super cute Halloween-themed collar! Isn't it perfect for her?! ;)

Do you want your furbabies to look that cool? You're lucky! Tonight is TNT, so Kylie is offering $5 off on $3o orders and on, and $10 off on orders over $50!! ;)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Macro Week!

Hey there!

Happy Sunday! I hope every had/is having a good weekend!

I had to work, and work has been a bit crazy this weekend, but since I now have a full week off work, I'm not going to complain any more! =D

Since I was missing our Sunday Shots, I decided to make up a challenge for myself and decided to take one macro shot each day, every during this (almost) past week, and I've just finished editing them, so I'm now all ready to post them!








Next week I'm gonna spend time away (but don't forget to keep on entering my giveaway!!) at the cottage, so aside from a blog entry to announce the giveaway winner, so can expect one to share the many photos that I will be taking!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Centuria of Followers Giveaway!!

Wooohooo!! Nicole from CandyRave became my 100th follower today (thank you, Nick!) and so it's time for my first giveaway to be posted!

This giveaway is based on two of my bigger loves (no, I'm not giving away Mr G, sorry!) and since you all probably know, I'm a BIG bookworm AND purse/bag/handbag whore! So what would be more apt than to give away A book and A handbag!

Only recently I've discovered the great Dame Agatha Christie's books, and I've completely fallen into the spell of them! I've read many of her books, but I still have many more still to read, and I DO intend to read them all! ;)

And the first half of the giveaway prize is just that! An Agatha Christie book!! Actually, the idea of the giveaway first occurred to me when for some strange glitch I ordered a copy of Death Comes As The End and ended up with two! So, I thought, what better use for an extra book than give it away to someone else so they can enjoy it too?

And the second half of the giveaway is also an expression of two things: how amazing handmade is, and how amazing crafters and artists are! When my dear friend Brooke from BrookeVanGory heard about my lil giveaway idea, she offered to add to the giveaway prize one of her Crossbones Couture Mosh Pit bags! And that my friends, is one kick-arse bag! How do I know? Well, not only cause I have the prize bag here at home, but because I own of the coolest Crossbones Couture bags in existence and I absolutely love it to bits! A bag that has been featured more than once in pictures seen here in my blog, cause I do wear it a LOT!

What say you? Want to win this amazing set of prizes? Wondering what you have to do?

Giveaway rules:

I'm gonna keep things rather simple, the giveaway will be open til next Thursday April 29th (that's when I'm coming back from spending a few days away from the lappy), it's valid for everyone worldwide, everyone welcome! And there will be 3 ways to add entries on your name to the draw!

1) Post the title of your favourite Agatha Christie book, or if you haven't read any Miss Christie's books, gimme the title of your favourite book! (1 entry)

2) Go check Brooke's Etsy shop and comment here with the link of your favourite item! (1 entry)

3) And for a final added bonus, if you can find me any Adipose related listing on Etsy, post them here and you'll get 3 entries on the giveaway!

I'll add the name entries to a bowl on Friday and I'll make my friend Irene pick a winner! I'll be posting the winner on Friday 30th itself!

Please make sure to leave a way to contact you if you don't have a blogger profile!

Good luck everyone! =D

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sleepy Robot 13!

Happy Friday!

How is the week going? Ready for the weekend? I have to say that I'd be more content to remain in Friday, since I have today off, but have to work during the weekend.

But, to cheer myself up, I've decided to make some tiramisu to take to work tomorrow! It's being quite horribly busy as of late, but this weekend I have some awesome co-workers, so we'll hope to have some free time to eat some of the tiramisu in our shift!

Aside from some cooking, I've been taking some photos today, to catch up with some long-overdue blog entries! And this is one of those!

I made Lisa, the artist behind Sleepy Robot 13 through the old DIYscene forums (all the awesome crafters have since moved to another awesome new forum: Attack of the Craft! that you'll need to check out!) and fell in love with her super cute lil robot guys! Since she had a half off sale going on at the time, I took advantage of it, and got myself two robots: the photographer robot, for G; and the coffee lover robot for myself!

When I got these lil guys I absolutely fell in love with them, and I packed G's one very carefully so he would fly with me to India in March. G agreed with me in the cuteness of the lil guy, and placed him right next to his computer.

Only today I've opened mine and I've started playing around and taking a pair of shots of it, and I'm feeling a lil nostalgic. Both robots are keeping G & me company, being apart themselves, while we're apart.

Aren't they just super cute? If maybe the photographer robot or the coffee robot aren't exactly your cup of cake, there are loads more in her shop! I've been eying her Crazy Robot Clinic set myself, gotta love that cute robot nurse with the band-aid!

Btw, I'm only THREE followers away from 100 and I'm all ready for my giveaway! I'm excited!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Shots: Final Week 52!!

Everything, even the best of things, do come to an end, and so our weekly challenge to improve our photography, the 52 Weeks, 52 Self-portraits has reached its final week...

Now that we've reached here, I know it's gonna feel weird not having to think about what to do for my weekly photo, but I'm sure both me and G will find something else to push ourselves as photographers, and will think of something to make us work on taking pics!

So, here it is, the final Sunday Shots.

Week 52

This time I have to say Gaurav's shot is amazing, and in my opinion, waay better than mine!

And my own lil shot.

Endings are always bittersweet, so as a wise man said... So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lens cozies by MsChrista!!

Saturday is here!

Though for me, it doesn't mean days off or anything... I'm actually looking forward to Monday & Tuesday, since that'll be my weekend. Yes, nurses do have weird schedules.

I was hoping to sleep in this morning, since I have worked morning shift the last pair of days and today I work 3 to 10 pm, but my neighbors decided not to agree with me, so after vegetating a bit on the sofa and roaming around the net, I've decided to do something productive, and write a blog entry!

My regular readers may remember a blog entry I wrote not too long ago, about a great lens cozy that MsChrista made for me, but that Mr G inherited for his old lens because of my poor measuring skills.

Well, shortly after writing it, I asked Christa to finally make my lenses a pair of lens cozies, and this time I was VERY careful with the measurements, which means that this time, the cozies DO fit my lenses perfectly!

I got a cozy for my 14-42mm kit lens and one for my 50mm macro lens, and of all the fabrics Christa has, I chose one rocking fabric!

So now, my lenses not only can be protected when left outside the bag, but also look as cool as can be!

In these photos you can see the macro lens inside its cozy, and the cozy for my kit lens, cause that's the lens I was using to take the shots!

I'm already planning another pouch for my 40-150mm lens that G kept with him to play around, and of course, any other lens that I may get in the future!

And if you want one (or two, or a dozen!) go and ask Christa on Etsy, she's planning to set up a custom listing for lens cozies, but in the meantime, I'm sure she'll love to work on a custom for anyone, just make sure you measure your lens carefully!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello there everyone!

Finally I'm sitting here AND updating the blog! Cause, just the old sitting up in front of the laptop I do every day, but having the motivation to update the blog... that's quite another thing!

But today, aha! Today I have found the motivation! I still don't have my tripod (*grumble, grumble*) but today I got awesome goodies in the mail, and one of the parcels was quite awaited! How is it that a package from the UK can take longer to hop over the channel than a package to cross the whole Atlantic from the US? Postal services mysteries...

After my last vacation I gained a lil weight, enough for my jeans to feel a lil more fitted than I'd like, so I've decided that I needed to make sure I do eat healthy, which means cutting on eating out or watching what I eat more when I do, AND cutting down the snacking at work. So, what can I do to NOT eat snacks at work? Well, bring something healthy to eat with me, and what's more healthy than fruit? Not many things, so I decided I'd bring apples and oranges to work, cause they're two of my favourite fruits, but I thought that they might get squished (I do carry a lot of stuff in my handbag) but then I remembered a shop that would be the solution to my woes: Tokyotombola!

All that went through my mind while listening to Iron Maiden on my way home from work one night, so when I arrived home, I went straight to Etsy and Tom's shop where I couldn't choose just one, so I got an orange cozy and a hot pink apple cozy! ;)

Those two finally arrived today, after a long stay in customs during public holidays last week, I'm sure... and I just had to take pics of them and show them off! They're just B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!

Just for giggles, I used the orange cozy for an apple and the pink apple for an orange, aren't they such a cute idea?

If you think size would be a problem, don't, each of them can fit a good sized apple/orange without even a burp!

I bet my co-workers will be envious when I bring it/them/damn, which one to choose? tomorrow!

And in case you love them, and are thinking about how much you'd love a blue apple with spots, just convo Tom, he'd be sure to make something custom and perfect for you & your fruits!

And if you are super duper nice, you may even get the most awesome recipe for Cheesecake cupcakes in existence, as I did! ;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday Shots: Weeks 49, 50 & 51, Monday Edition!

Hey there!

It's Monday and in a not-so-unusual-to-us move, here are a few shots of the weekly sort, all rolled into one! This week is also the LAST week of our 52 weeks challenge, so I'm hoping we'll manage to have our last shots ready for Sunday!

So, without more ado, here they go!

Week 49:

G's first week at work inspired his shot.

Mine was an attempt to show off my new shorter hair (and my new Label of Hope top!).

Week 50:

An awesome shot of G's eyes

My graduation from nursing school photo, almost 9 years ago!

Week 51:

G showing off his RockerByeBaby blankie

My lemon muffins all ready to go into the oven!

Hopefully I'll be getting a new tripod sometime this week, so it'll improve some of my shots and I'll have more blog entries lined up afterwards!

Oh, and btw, the first half of my giveaway prize has arrived! More hints to come! ;)