Saturday, July 3, 2010

Custom Cinnamon (Canela) Stationery from On Cupcake Moon!!

After watching Twilight the movie, having a latte macchiato and while I wait for my facial mask to dry (while I listen to the Rime of The Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden to time it), I'm gonna show off my latest custom order from the brilliant Deb from On Cupcake Moon!

Yes, as you might have already gathered, I absolutely love Deb's work! After getting myself some custom made "Thank You" & "Muchas Gracias", I realized I had loads of cute stationery in English, but very few in Spanish, and as I realized when I was wrapping the presents for my friend Irene, I had no cute birthday cards in Spanish!

So, I decided to contact Deb, not only cause I love her artwork, but also because she's great to work with for customs! So, after giving it some thought I chose her Zombie Cupcake as a more manly "Feliz Cumpleaños" card, and her Skully Cupcake as the girly counterpart.

I also got the idea of asking Deb to draw Cinnamon, so I could also get some "Feliz Cumpleaños" cards for everyone with my lovely doggie on them! And she was more than happy to step on to the challenge! She not only managed to create a perfect cartoon-y paper doppelganger of Miss Cinnamon, but she also managed to create some absolutely stunning stationery!

My entire loot finally consisted on two sets of 10 "Happy Birthday" cards with Cupcakes for boys & girls, 20 "Happy Birthday" Cinnamon cards, and then 1 Cinnamon print, 2 sheets of Cinnamon address labels, and a set of Cinnamon tags, with the cutest dog paws ribbon!

Isn't this print just gorgeous? I intend to frame it and hang it!

These tags are so cute! Deb added some glitter to Cinnamon's collar and the dog paw ribbons are super cute!

The Zombie Cupcake cards also have some green glitter on them, but don't tell the guys, they wouldn't be manly enough them! ;)

And the Girly Skully Cupcake cards have some nice glitter details in the swirls and bow!

And of course, the Miss Cinnamon cards have the same glitter detail in her collar than the tags!

I even decided to ask Miss Cinnamon her opinion about her drawn doppelganger, and I think she approves!

Posing with my mum, looking cool but refusing to lift her ears!

"Hmmm, so that's supposed to be me, aye? Are my ears really that big?"

"I think I look pretty nice, don't you think so, ma?"

Checking out more goodies with her cute lil self on them

Finally, settles down next to her doppelganger in tag form, so I think it's the final seal of approval!


  1. Deb, you are a stationery genius :D Loving your new purchases, Pili!

  2. thank you pili!!!! i woke up from a much needed nap to see this - and i couldn't be more happy now! i am soooooooooo incredibly glad you love all your new goodies!!! <3 you are the best!!!

    and thank you emily for the 'stationery genius' comment too! =)

    p.s. please send me the pix of cinnamon and her items!

  3. Those cards are so cute! Deb did an amazing job drawing Cinnamon!

  4. Nice purchase :) The Cinnamon drawing is so cute! x

  5. What a great idea!! Cinnamon turned out really well in the drawing :)

  6. Love both dogs, the real one and the drawing! They are so cute!

  7. wow! adorable staionery! off to check out her shop!

  8. What lovely items, too cute! The Cinnamon portrait is great!

  9. Thats so awesoms that you have your doggy on your stationary!


  10. LOVE the stationary!! What a clever idea to have Canela on it. Made it extra special.

  11. Oh my gosh!! I think that has to be the cutest stationery I've EVER seen!!! How cool! Is it weird that I kind of want some for myself with my dogs? I heart On Cupcake Moon. :)


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