Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Felt Menagerie by Felt Me Up Designs!

Summer is here, and so I'm feeling like staying up at night and sleeping in even more than usual, and I'm feeling a tad less motivated and not too full of energy. It's a good thing we've bought a new mobile AC unit, though I'm not sure if I'll use it at night or not...

As I promised yesterday, I'm back with a new blog entry today, and I have to say I discovered this artist & Etsy seller through one of my favourite ladies, Deb from OnCupcakeMoon! She entered a giveaway on Etsy Stalker and won, so she showed off her lovely lil Tweet by Felt Me Up Designs on her blog, and I loved it, so I decided to check their shop and liked their facebook page.

Shortly after that, Felt Me Up Designs did a giveaway on their blog, where you could win one of their lovely owlies! I of course entered the giveaway, and also when through their entire shop, and fell in love with Mr Bempton, the Puffin Bird! I didn't win the giveaway, but she also offered a discount code for free shipping, so I decided to take advantage of it, and decided to adopt Mr Bempton!

Since the mail service with the UK has been working pretty well as of late, I got Mr Bempton home super fast, and the packaging was super cute! All handmade felt birdies come inside a take out box with shredded paper, so they're warm & protected during their trip!

Mr Bempton taking a peek out of the box, and introducing himself, such a proper nice birdie!

Out of the box, evaluating his new home, he seems to like it! Hello, Mr Bempton!

Felt Me Up Designs Mini-Moo cards! I'm absolutely in love with them! I love those Moo mini-cards!

Mr Bempton really has an eye for detail! And is the cutest Puffin bird on history, and no, I don't say it cause it's now part of the family! ;)

I decided to bring him with Miss Cinnamon & me to the cottage this past weekend, and I'd say he rather enjoyed being out & hanging out with me.

He also liked exploring a bit the surroundings, I had no idea, but Mr Bempton is quite the explorer!

And of course, I decided to introduce Mr Bempton to Miss Cinnamon, and see if they got along.
Miss Cinnamon seemed to like Mr Bempton quite a long, and Mr Bempton even if a little shy and intimidated at first, liked Miss Cinnamon, as much as any birdie can like a doggie!

Cinnamon, you don't go smelling other people's bum like that, bad doggie!

After that lil etiquette blunder, Miss Cinnamon behaved herself, and Mr Bempton recover his dignity, and now they do keep a civil relationship!

I'm already thinking of adding another Birdie to the family, maybe a custom made Toucan? Or maybe an Owlie? What new birdie would you add to the family?


  1. your little mr. bempton is simply PRECIOUS! and i love all your photos with it, especially cinnamon and him. so cute!!!!

    my favourite bird of hers is the tufted titmouse in gray. that one will have to make its way here someday soon, unless of course you beat me to it! ;)

  2. I love Mr. Bempton! I discovered this shop not too long ago on Twitter. LOVE everything :)

  3. Oh what a fabulous post! I am glad mr Bempton has settled in well and is making new friends.

    I love your pictures so much too thankyou

    mel aka feltmeupdesigns

  4. Isn't he just the cutest!!
    It's so hot and humid here, we are staying inside as much as possible. I'm more of a morning person, so early to sleep, early to rise :)

  5. Nice post :) Mr. Bempton is sooo cute! x

  6. What a sweet purchase, Mr. Bempton is adorable! I love felted items, I have my eye on her felted owl. ;)


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