Friday, July 23, 2010

Biting Gnome Boo Boo Bag & Burn Buster!

Hey there!

Last week I managed to keep up the blogging thanks to the "scheduled posts", a very handy tool of blogger. You write your entry, but choose date and hour for it to be published!

This week, I've been a bit busy, and even though I've been getting a good number of packages, and I've managed to take photos of a good bunch of them, but I've been a bit lagging in the blogging department, but I'm trying to get back into track, both with real time & scheduled posts!

One of the packages I got recently was from the talented Karyl from Biting Gnome Baubles! I've talked about Karyl's cards in a previous post here, but today I will talk about her Burn Busters (coffee and other hot beverages sleeves) and her BooBoo bags!

Her Burn Busters are made of either fleece or cotton with a felt backing, to protect your fingers from the heat of any hot beverage, and to help you go greener, not having to use those cardboard sleeves that you throw away! I got myself a super cute lime green with pink guitars fabric sleeve, with a sewn in pink felt heart!

She has quite a few different sleeves in her shop, for Twilight fans, for Harry Potter fans and for those who like cute things in general! If you like having your coffee on the go, a Burn Buster is a must for you!

Karyl's got the idea to create her BooBoo Bags cause she gets frequent headaches, and she likes to get something cold to help her feel better! She first started using flax seeds for the fillings, and those can be easily heated or cooled, and retain both heat & cold longer than other fillings, like rice. She uses super cute cotton fabrics, and I chose one of my favourite fabrics, the Alexander Henry skulls in pink!

I haven't used it on the heat, since luckily I haven't got any sore muscles as of late, but I have used mine cold to help with headaches, and the cold pack does feel nice and soothing! If you're prone to headaches, I'd recommend you get one! You can even pick a custom fabric!


  1. awww...thanks lovely lady!!!!
    hugs and smoochies!

  2. I love those and the packaging was TOO cute!!

  3. i absolutely love the guitar one. so cute!!! =)

  4. very awesome items and such cute packaging!

  5. "Burn Busters" LOL
    LOVE the name!!
    Really cute too :)

  6. what a fun package of goodies! :)

  7. Both creations are brilliant and adorable! I really love your taste. Seriously, every time you post about something you ordered, I end up loving it. The next time I have money, I just need to give it to you and let you go shopping for me! ;-)~

  8. You chose some great stuff! Karyl really makes awesome stuff:)


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