Saturday, July 10, 2010

TokyoTombola, or how to get your fruit to Cosplay!

The heat is still here, but at least I don't have to work today, cause after working night shift (and having quite a bad shift) I've barely slept in the morning...

So, here I am now, with a cup of coffee (I know, heat & coffee) and working on yet another blog entry! Finally, I'm getting a bit more regular on the blogging, though I'm afraid that next week I'm having quite a busy schedule, so I don't know how much blogging I'll be able to squeeze in...

You already know about my love for my fruit pouches I got from the crochet genius that is Tom from Tokyotombola, and how it's helping me avoid snacking at work and eating more fruit, which is generally a very good thing. But what you don't know yet, is that now I've added a third pouch to my collection, that will not only help protect my fruit, but will also help it indulging in a bit of Cosplay!

Scratching your heads yet? Well, the explanation is quite simple, Tom has outdone himself, and has crocheted two amazing sushi fruit pouches! A red ebi and a pink ebi, and after a bit of trying to decide which one to get, I grabbed the red ebi pouch! If you're wondering what ebi sushi is, well, ebi is a jumbo shrimp on top of a ball of sushi rice!

So that's exactly what this pouch is, a red crocheted jumbo shrimp opened butterfly style, on top of the whitest rice ever crocheted! It might seem silly, but I can't help but marvel at how shiny & white the pouch is! So much, that I've decide to reserve it to special occasions, cause I don't want it to get too dirty too soon if I just dump it every day on my filled to the brim, bag that I take to work.

If you're wishing you could have got it before me... well, the pink ebi is still available at his shop, so hurry up and grab it before someone else does!

I know have to nag Tom to work on some crocheted maki pouch, or even a Californian roll! Mmmmm, all this talk about sushi is making me want to eat sushi now! I must go to the Japanese restaurant soon!


  1. That apple looks too happy about its new costume! I suspect something

  2. a sushi pouch to match your sushi purse - it's too cute! and... now i have a secret project going on with tom too! =)

  3. Tom should make banana covers. All the fun and silly things to disguise your banana as like a weiner dog!

  4. what a cute way to protect your fruit

  5. mmm sushi! dressing up fruit like that sounds like a surefire way to eat more of it :9

  6. those are adorable pouches! thanks for sharing. i like andreanna's suggestion too, on disguising the banana.



    Andreanna, what a bloody amazing idea! :D

    Thanks for the bloggage Pilicakes! I lurve you!

  8. OMG!! I loooooovvvvvvee the apple cozy! What an innovation to put an ebi on top of it! Super amazing :D
    And YES, hot dog banana covers would definitely a fab idea!! :D



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