Monday, February 8, 2010

Music Monday: Mazzy Star ~ Into Dust

Some days my work is not the most rewarding one ever, so I thought that today I needed to do a Music Monday.

I fell in love with this song when it was used in Charmed, Season 4.

For all those soldiers of life that have lost the fight and the war against the enemy within. You will be remembered by those who loved you and by those who care.

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love"

Carl Sagan

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Shots: Week 42 & 43

Sunday again! Damn, does time fly!

Sunday Shots are finally back in schedule, with a combined entry since last week I had a very busy schedule at work and I haven't been feeling too inspired as of late.

Week 42:

This is a special week for both G & me, as should be for anyone that is still pondering about the ultimate question about life, the universe & everything, since we already know the answer!

Week 43:

Gaurav's trying to make the clock go faster, since it's just a lil over a week till we're together again!

And I'm making sure I can fit everything into my hand-luggage bag, beginning to get ready!

I'm gonna try to take a few shots of my packing this week, showing off how to live off a single suitcase in India for almost a month, and what essentials I can't live without in my hand-luggage, so I'll try to write a pair of blog entries about it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shopping Handmade: Reyes with Irene

Hey there!

You must be wondering... where are last week's Sunday Shots? Well, they're... in process, in a bit of an unusual turn, I'm the one totally uninspired for them, and Gaurav actually delivered his in time. So while I'm trying to get inspired for last week's and this week shots, I'm gonna write a blog entry that belonged to last month!

I actually had to check, cause I thought I should have been written at the beginning of last month, since I met up with my friend Irene for our exchange of Reyes gifts on the first week of Jan! In most of Spain, Santa Claus is more of a late comer, and gifts have always been given on the morning of Jan 6th, which according to lore is when the Three Magi, Wise Men or Reyes Magos as we call them, presented the baby Jesus with the incense, gold & myrrh.

Well, long story short, we met up for lunch at Vip's, had quite a yummy lunch, I tried the very awesome Toblerone cheesecake and we exchanged gifts!

I got Irene addicted to Dolly bags, and she has quite a loooong list of bags she wants to get, so I usually get her one for either/both Reyes and her b-day. And this year I got her a Ruffle purse, a Sofia cosmetic bag (super roomy) and an eye-glass case, all matching!

And she got me one of the many books available about Hypatia of Alexandria (I have been wanting to read about her for quite a while) and super cute handmade felt Hello Kitty pin that I wore right away!

Hopefully I'll have more blog entries ready this week, cross your fingers for some extra motivation coming my way!