Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Little Pony, Custom Cranium Style!

This has been a blog entry for too long on the making! So much, that I have to ask forgiveness from Darien, the amazing artist behind Custom Cranium Osteo-Oddities, cause I promised her a blog entry a long time ago!

Darien not only makes the most amazing Snuff Stuffies from both discarded stuffed animals, and the bones of animals that died of natural causes or accidents, giving them both a second life, but she also tried her hand at painting My Little Ponies, and I fell in love with her pieces, and it was then when I got my first piece: the PiliPony! A gorgeous Day of the Dead style pony, and you can check its own blog entry here!

After that, I asked Darien for another two painted My Little Ponies, this time inspired by Iron Maiden's "Somewhere Back In Time" tour and all their Egyptian set up! Darien was as always more than willing to take on the task, and plunged into it, creating two amazing & unique pieces, and one lil mini-pony as a lovely surprise extra!

I can't say which of the two I'd choose as my favourite, since they're both painted with a great attention to detail! And I love that both have their eyes painted with the Eye of Horus!

Red-haired pony with a Royal Scarab on her hindquarters and Horus falcon in its forehead:

Blonde-haired pony with an Ankh on its back and a Cobra on its forehead!:

Tiny lil Pegasus pony!:

I now have 4 Ponies in my collection, and I foresee a few more in the future!


  1. haha, they're excellent :D Such brilliant attention to detail!

  2. Hi Pili!
    They are so cool :D I do admire people who can draw, especially on 3D object.
    Little pony is now a piece of art :D

  3. What an neat idea! Those are so unique. I agree with you- the Eye of Horus looks amazing. I love My Little Ponies too, so I am just enjoying everything about this post. :-)

  4. The tiny little pony is just the cutest thing! I don't even LIKE my little pony but these are awsome!

  5. Theyre so cute! I use to love little pony when I was a kid :)



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