Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Cupcake Moon!!

Hello there!

Middle of the regular work week, not so much for those like me that have an irregular schedule, but a Wednesday is a Wednesday!

This week has been pretty awesome, package wise, on Monday I got two packages, and on Tuesday I got another two! So, after taking a few pictures today, I'm ready to write a few blog entries this week!

My first entry is gonna be about the brilliant Deb from On Cupcake Moon and the address labels she made for me! (and all the lil extras I got on my package!). I met them through the amazing Rhi from Rocky The Zombie. Both Deb & me share a love for Rhi's amazing zombie guys and also have the same size, so if we put together all out RTZ goodies, it'd be quite impressive I'm sure!

Deb has always loved to draw, so she's always been an artist! She decided to create her own line of cards, invitations and everything else that came into her mind, with her own kind of quirky, whimsy & cute! With cupcakes, skulls & all naughty & nice things!

In her Etsy shop, you can find super cute invitation sets (for b-day, baby showers...), blank notecards and even cupcake wrappers! But they're only a small sample of all the goodness that you can find on her website! From a wider variety of all sorts of invitations to address labels, from gift tags to her art prints! And if you want some of her designs in other than paper, she also has a Cafepress shop where you can get her fabulous designs on a hoodie, a clock or a mug! (I am waiting for my Skully cupcake mug, hurry up Cafepress!).

And, if all that wasn't enough, Deb has a blog where every Friday she shares her favourite picks on Etsy, and has the best way to star the week with her Monday recipes! From super delicious, even sinful, desserts, to super healthy dishes!

You wanna see what I got on the mail on Tuesday? Three sheets of address labels! Every time I send a package to the nieces, or my bf, and even MORE during sending cards season, I get soooo tired of writing my own address in the return, and when she said she did custom address labels, with whatever design you chose, and with your choice of her fonts, I knew I had to do it! I chose my favourite design of hers, the skull cupcake, and in a super fast exchange of e-mails with her, my custom design was ready and in the mail, in a total of 24 hours tops! (including time differences, since Deb & me are in way different time zones!).

Not only I got my super cute address labels, but as a treat, Deb sent me some super cute blank cards, with again the oh-so-cute Skull Cupcake! This cards are soooo super cute, that I intend to keep one for myself as is, and use the rest!

Oh, and another treat she sent me, a super cute magnetic 2010 calendar with a few of her characters, ain't it cuter than cute?

If you have a family event, and you want cute but not Hallmark style invitations, check out Deb's shop, I'm sure you'll find something you'll like! And she's right now having a superb offer on her Etsy shop, with free address labels with any set of cards!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm a bag addict: Warning Label Accesories!

Happy Saturday!

It's not everyday that I get a weekend off unexpectedly! I had to work Friday night shift, but I exchanged the day with a co-worker, so since I worked night shift on Wednesday, I don't have to go back till Sunday night shift again! So, weekend off out of nowhere!

I've been taking a bunch of photos to show off some of the stuff I have been buying as of late, and of the things I have loads but can't get enough of, is bags... I've never counted the amount of handbags, purses, clutches, messenger bags, etc that I have... and I don't intend to, lol!

One of my favourite bag makers is Ms Jamiebuns from Warning Label Accesories, and she doesn't only make awesome handbags, but also camera strap covers, tea wallets and even kilts... well, let's just say I'm checking her Etsy shop very often!

Since my last post about her goodies, quite a while ago, I've bought:

- A Black Market bag (very roomy so you can go do some grocery shopping & it would double as shopping bag & purse).

- Two amazing clutches with handmade flowers as embellishments. I loved both with those great fabrics, and I couldn't choose just one, so during one of her sales, I got lucky and snatched both!

- A custom kilt in one of my favourite fabrics (the Tattoo Zen Charmer fabric) that I still don't have any pictures wearing it, but as soon as the weather gets warmer, I will!

- A screen-printed tote with Swallows True Love, great everyday bag, very roomy!

- A sleeping mask, this one is amazing for when I have to sleep in the mornings after night shift. I can't sleep when it's very light, and it's hard to block out the light of day, but with this... I sleep sooooo much better!

- A custom camera strap cover, with the same fabric of my lens pouches by MsChrista, but in pink! I love this one! I'm using my original Olympus strap as a strap for my bowling bag, and this strap cover not only makes it look a thousand times cooler, but also way more comfy to carry around!

- My most recent purchase, a custom Quiescent Quaintrelle tote bag, with an amazing Iron Maiden cameo! Not only the fabric of this bag is totally luscious, but since I'm going to Iron Maiden's concert in Valencia in August, it's gonna be the bag I'll be taking with me on that weekend trip! *headbangs*

So far, that's all, but she's come up with a totally brilliant netbook bag that is just to die for... so maybe next month I'll bug her to make me a custom laptop bag just like it!

I've you have fallen in love with Jamie's bags and must have one (or a dozen) you're lucky! She's running a SALE right NOW! $10 off, even in custom bags!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Hello everyone!

It's been a while, I know... I've been a bit busy, and a bit unmotivated, so I've abandoned the blog a wee bit... But today is Friday, and I have the day off, so after baking some nice lemon muffins, I've decided to take some extra shoots for future blog entries!

I recently decided to update my kitchen wares, mainly cause even though I still don't have a place of my own, I had been eying some of Collisionwares oven mitts and pot holders, so I decided to buy a pair of sets to start using from now on and of course, to keep for my future house!

I got myself an oven mitt & matching pot holder in a Coffee & Donuts print, that I had been eying for such a long time! I really wanted to buy something with that fabric, and when I saw that set, I knew I had to get it!

I also got another set of oven mitt & matching pot holder in a crazy print called Pop Art with super bright colours and loads of different types of fast food!

Both oven mitts & pot holders are extremely well made! And loot like can not only last for a long time, but also almost to be left as a heirloom! And I have to say that Angie, the lady behind CollisionWare has a brilliant customer service, she convoed me to let me know she was shipping my order right away, and the shipping time was super fast! It was shipped on Monday and I got it on Friday!

Today I decided to make lemon muffins, so I could show off my new pot holders! And also cause my lemon muffins are pretty awesome! ;)

If you want some amazing kitchen ware in not-your-usual-boring fabrics, go check her shop and get yourself a set!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Nurses Day!

Hello everyone!

Today is May 12th, and it's a day to celebrate my day job and profession: being a nurse!

International Nurses Day is celebrated today, Florence Nightingale's birth date.

So, happy Nurses Day to all the fellow nurses out there and to all the rest, and for all the rest of you, be nice to the nurses that work hard to care for you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alarming Charms!!

Good evening! Having a good Tuesday? I hope that your Tuesday is as good as mine was (at least till I reached work, work isn't too fun a place right now), cause today I got an amazing package in the mail!

A while back I bought 3 cute paintings from the DIYscene4charity shop (now the CraftAnon4Charity shop) as they were donating the proceeds to Haiti, and for some strange reason the package hasn't made it here yet, and the amazing Sheika (cow lover and brilliant artist) sent me a second package to replace the one that got lost somewhere along the way.

Sooo, today my package arrived today! And I'm so absolutely happy!! It improved my day even when it didn't need improvement!

So I finally got my three brilliant paitings today!: Mr Chillz, Hoos There and Forgetful Ducky!! And let me tell you, they are absolutely brilliant!! At first, I had planned to maybe give one or two as presents, but after seeing them in person, hell no! I'm not THAT generous! I'm hogging them all!

Along with those amazing 3 paintings, Sheika also sent me one extra painting, the Giraffes In Love With Tea (my quite unoriginal name for it) and the cutest piggie necklace ever in existence!
As I've said, I do love everything, but the Giraffes painting is my absolute favourite from them all. It does reflect G & me and our love for tea, very well!

If you love these paintings and want to see more of Sheika's art, check out her blog: OMG Cow! And hopefully she'll be restocking her Etsy shop: Alarming Charms, sometime soon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Inverness Studios!!

Monday is here, and it's almost over again, and it meant going back to work after a breather for me, a very well deserved one, I'd say too!

And to get my mind off work, I'm gonna do another blog entry, and hopefully I'll manage to somewhat keep up the blogging the rest of the week!

Everyone that is even a casual reader of this blog would not that I'm an AVID reader, a proper bookworm and a book hogger! Or, how Dusty from Inverness Studios would call it, bibliophiles!

Dusty's shop, Etsy's Inverness Studios, is full of great gift ideas for any book lover, or for yourself, if you are one! From bookmarks to jewelry made out of recycled books, to a brilliant idea: reading pillows!

You may wonder, what's a reading pillow? They are awesome handmade lap pillows, with the perfect size to hold all sizes of books, from paperback to hardback and they can also double as travel pillows!

I had been thinking of the fact of getting one, since I do read a lot in bed and in the sofa, and it gets tiring to hold a book for hours, and once Dusty listed two pillows with two absolutely amazing fabrics (Cupcakes & Chinese Food!) I decided that I really HAD to get them!

She sent both pillows vacuum sealed, which helps cutting down on the shipping (which is always good!) and it was quite funny see the pillows go back to their regular size and fluffiness once you open the bags they were sealed in!

And aside from sending some candy and business cards, she also sent some bookmarks/business cards that I won't be giving away, cause they fit perfectly in the pockets that the pillows have, so you'll always have a bookmark handy!

She recommends use for hardback books, cause that's the way the rubber bands hold the book better, and allow you a more comfortable reading, but I've discovered that you can also read paperbacks using one of the rubber bands and one of the fabric straps, and works pretty well too!

These pillows also have a handle on their top, so can carry them around more easily, and since they are a really nice size & can double as travel pillows, you can take them with you on planes, trains, buses, etc! Although on flights, it might count as carry on... Personally, I don't plan on taking them with me on flights, but on bus/train trips, I do! Perfect to read during the trip AND take a nap when you fancy it!

If you love books & reading, you do need at least one of these! Since the first moment I tried them, I'm in love and will recommend them to all my friends who love to read!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Photos for a Sunday

Hello again!

When last week I did my lil entry about macro photography, I promised I'll have pics today to share from my stay at the cottage, and here I am to show them off!

I'll have to think up another lil challenge to keep me motivated to take photos this week, since it's gonna be a tough week at work!