Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ever Designs!!

Last Sunday I finally went to see Eclipse, the third Twilight movie, and I have to say I liked it a lot! I had waited a bit cause I wanted to avoid the crowds, and the screaming teenager Twi-hards... For New Moon I went on Saturday evening of release week, and it was too crowded for my taste AND there were too many screaming teenagers for my taste... But this time, luckily I avoided all that!

And curiously enough, on Monday itself I got my new gorgeous bracelet from Ever Designs! You might be wondering why I might think that curious. Well, Noriane, Ever Designs' owner & designer is also a Twilight fan, and she has created many amazing jewellry pieces inspired in the Twilight books, and I own quite a few of them from when Noriane sold in Etsy under the name "Noriane's Bijoux: Twilight Impressions".

Noriane stopped selling on Etsy after some issues with Summit Entertainment, apparently they don't like artists being inspired by Twilight, and she now has her own website, with the new name, and has some new brilliant pieces, but also all the old favourites!

The bracelet that arrived on Monday is one of the new designs, the Aqua Violet Bouquet bracelet, and it's as gorgeous as I've grown used to expect from Noriane's jewellry!

Not only her jewellry is amazing, but also, her packages are always a treat, all jewellry in satin black pouches, and this time, I even got a gorgeous sun catcher and a microfiber cloth to clean my jewellry!

She's now added a new bracelet to her collection, the Purple Dream bracelet, that I will be adding to my collection (I own quite a few of hers) for my birthday, that she first made as a custom for a friend of mine. And that you can see here!

Whether you like Twilight or not, I can assure you that you will love Ever Designs' jewellry!


  1. I've read all the books but have yet to watch the movies as my friends say they are pretty bad =( ... beautiful bracelet!

  2. I also just saw Eclipse, and feel a little guilty for drooling over Jacob (whom I believe is only 17). I didn't enjoy it as much as New Moon, but hey, there was still plenty of eye candy! ;)

    Lovely bracelet!

  3. Her work is gorgeous!! I just love beads. Once, I was giggling in my sleep, and my husband asked what I was dreaming about. I smiled and said "BEADS!" I'm with you- I prefer to avoid the crowds, which is why I STILL haven't seen Eclipse! I really need to go soon though, because it will be out of theaters if I wait too long. Hope you're having a lovely day! ♥

  4. the bracelet is just beautiful, and my favourite colour!!! =)

  5. Awesome jewellery!

    I love Twilight books :) x


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