Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 24 (Monday edition)

Hello there!!

Once again, our Sunday Shots are on their Monday edition, which is making me think of calling them Monday Shots? Oh well, yesterday was a bit of a busy day, but they're here now and that what counts, right?

Hopefully I'll have another blog entry up later today, but since it's my b-day and I have a few social compromises already (lunch at my bro's, pancakes later with a friend...) I don't know if I'll have the time!!

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shopping Handmade: Emilio's Birthday

Hello there!

How was/is your Sunday? Mine was pretty good! Since tomorrow is my b-day and next week it's Emilio's birthday (my best friend's bf), we decided to do a lil meet up and have lunch together.

Since we went to an Indian restaurant last winter, Emilio fell in love with the food, specially with the Butter Chicken we tried, and I decided that it'd be a great b-day present to get him the recipe and the spices to cook it. And I knew where to look for spice sets: Purpose Design Etsy shop!

I knew where to get the spice set but I needed to find the recipe for butten chicken, but as it happened, I found it on SpiceLab, Purpose Design's blog! So, all I had to do was translate it into Spanish, print it and add it to the spice sets (aside from getting him the Indian set, I also got him a BBQ rubs set, since he loves cooking and BBQing).

So, upon arriving with a Sachertorte for dessert and a bottle of Lambrusco for the lunch, I handed Emi the recipe for Butter Chicken and when he started pondering on the ingredients that he was missing, I produced the box with both spice sets. And he started cooking right away!

We also got basmati rice to go with the chicken, though we couldn't find any roti or naan to complete the Indian way of eating it. Did I mention that we got a LOT of basmati rice?

Aside from the Butter Chicken we also made two salads and grilled ribs with honey & BBQ sauce, that are Emilio's specialty!

Everything in the table was as yummy as it looks, and even so, we got loads of leftovers, mainly rice!

There was also some cake left, since we were terribly stuffed by the time we had the coffee and brought out the cake, but it was absolutely delicious and everyone loved it!

We had a really good day, and it's always nice to meet up with friends over good food!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Twilight Impressions by Noriane's Bijoux!

Hey there!

Having a nice Saturday? Mine was somewhat productive, if a lil annoying at times, grocery shopping past noon is a no-no! Luckily I got a Sachertorte cake and a bottle of Lambrusco for tomorrow's meet up (a friend of mine & yours truly are doing a lil b-day joint celebration), so hopefully after that I'll have time to post another blog entry AND Sunday Shots, hopefully.

But, Saturday evening's starlight belongs only to Noriane and her gorgeous line of Twilight inspired jewellery!

I found Noriane's shop in Etsy while doing a search for Twilight items while I was reading the series for the first time, and even though I've never been too much of jewellery fan... I fell in love at first sight with everything that she had!!

My first purchases were a beautiful necklace (Look After My Heart) and a bookmark (Pure Love) and those were just the beginning! From them on I've got more necklaces, bracelets and even a ring! (Yes, you've guessed right, I've never been a ring's girl... but Edward's Eyes is a special kind of ring!). I've even got myself a bunch of custom items, and it's always a joy to talk to Noriane and ask her questions, she always works with and makes sure you get exactly what you want! My custom pieces are more than amazing and absolutely perfect!

I've also got some of Noriane's pieces as b-day presents, I got my sis-in-law an "Edward's Eyes" necklace that she loved, and I've also got one of my best friends (and also discreet Twilight fan) a Midnight Sun pendant with a custom matching bracelet that I'd be tempted to keep for myself!

I've got sooooo many of her amazing pieces of jewellery that I wasn't sure if I should include of all them in one blog, but I've decided to add all the ones that I've taken shots of, so bear with me, there are gonna be loads of photographs!

Midnight Sun pendant (all sold out now)

Edward's Eyes ring

Jeans and A T-shirt bracelet

Custom Midnight Sky necklace

Lost in the Woods necklace

New Moon bookmark

Topaz Moon necklace

As you can see, none of them actually scream Twilight Fan! but are amazingly pieces of wearable art that fans and non-fans of the series alike can wear.

In case you're wondering, the two dresses I'm wearing are by Meow Kiki, the black shrug is by Lady Moon Designs, the two tops are by Label of Hope and the coffee cozie is by Crossbones Collateral.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 23 (Monday edition)

Aaaand, once again, we're a day late, though I must confess, this time it was all of my doing, since I wasn't really happy with the shot I took on Sunday itself, and today, after getting a shorter than usual haircut; I decided to try another of the art modes of my Oly and voila!

(And yes, I'm fully aware this is an unprecedent 2 entries in one day happening).

Hopefully, there'll be more entries this week, unlike the last two...

My Vampire Obsession: True Blood

As of late I've been a wee bit obsessed with vampires... at first it started very reticently with the Twilight series, and it's become borderline serious with True Blood the tv show, and the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris that are the source and inspiration for said show.

I watched the first season of the show first, and then started reading the books, but I have to say, that as usual, I prefer the books to the show, though I can't wait to see Season Two, if only to see more of Eric Northman!

Searching through Etsy and in the DIYscene street team, I've found a few very awesome items, I really wanted to share with you!:

The Bag With A Bite: Eric Northman cameo bag by Warning Label:

I'm totally in love with this bag, not only because it's awesome, but also cause it features my favourite character in the series, Vampire Eric the Viking!

Custom Cameo Bag also by Warning Label:

You can choose whatever image you want in the cameo, and here you can see probably the most recognizable image of the show.

Fangtasia Resin Stretch Bracelet by Lunaricsales:

Absolutely awesome bracelet to show off the most well known vampire bar!

Fangs & Fangtasia necklaces also by Lunaricsales:

Amazing resin & beaded necklaces, matching the bracelet, to complete your fangbanger look!

4 mini bookmarks by The Blue Forest:

For all of you who are engrossed reading the books and need matching bookmarks!

Eric Northman hairclip or brooch by MTcoffins:

A stylish way of having Eric near you!

Eric Northman Notebook Cover by CDChyld:

What better way to cheer up while in class than looking at our favourite viking?

Bad Things Mug by Maid Of Clay:

Now that's an interesting way of waking up in the morning and serve yourself some... coffee?

True Blood Pleather Choker by Cinderellascache:

Another different way to show off your love for vampires!

And you can find many more searching True Blood on Etsy, but those are my favourites!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 22 (Monday edition)

Well, last week was a bit of a failure on the blogging side of life, but was a bit busy with work, sleeping and reading the Sookie Stackhouse series books (yes, the same ones True Blood is based on), so yep, that's all I did last week, sleep, work & read...

Except for Sunday when I played around with my Oly, and took a bunch of pics, including playing around with the art modes, that are a lot of fun! Hopefully I'll work on a pair of blog entries this week, but I work every single day, and I can't assure I'll have the time or motivation for it...

So, here go both our entries for this (past) week:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21!!!

Well, now it really HAS been a long while since you guys have seen any of our Sunday Shots!! And I can also imagine that you might be wondering if this wasn't supposed to be a weekly affair?

Why, yes, the key word there being "supposed"... but between the preparations for the vacation, the vacation itself and the time spent with the family, the coming back and settling to the usual routine, and Gaurav's Douglas Adams-esque issues with deadlines... I'm making a 5-weeks-in-1 Sunday Shots edition!!

Here are they are!:

Week 17:

Week 18 (this one is a self-portrait of the two of us, taken with my TZ by Gaurav, so it's OUR shot for the week):

Week 19: With the first appearance of my beloved new camera, the Olympus E-620!!

Week 20:

Aaaand Week 21!:

Now, hopefully I'll do a better job at keeping the blog up to date, and hopefully next Sunday we'll have Week 22 pics ready!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Giveaway Winning: 4!!

Friday's here! Though I work the weekend, so it really doesn't mean the same to me than to the rest of the people... but at least I've been a good girl and I've edited pics and I'm now working on a blog entry, unlike yesterday, when I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping (yes, I had to work that night, but still, I think I overdid the lazy).

Today's entry is about giveaways, yes, and more exactly about the 4 ones that I've been so lucky to win!!

I have entered many many giveaways since I discovered what they were, but this summer seems to have been my lucky time, cause I won one in July and 3!! in August!

The first giveaway I ever won was done by the lovely Krissy from Absidy Jewellry, and I won this gorgeous set of Butterfly pendant and earrings!:

Second giveaway was done by JPATpurses, and she was giving away one of her gadget purses that she has already discontinued selling, so it is even more unique! I'm thinking of using it as case for my point & shoot camera, cause I can hook it to my DSLR camera bag!:

Third giveaway was done by Janna from Teachermom, and though in her Etsy shop she offers all sorts of baby items, she was giving away a lovely bag! This one I intend to give as a present to a friend of mine, cause I know the fabric style and colours are totally up her alley!:

And fourth (and hopefully not last), I won a giveaway that miss Lex from Smarmyclothes did to promote her new addition to her shop: SmarmyLox FairyTails! And I won a pair of custom made ones that I still have to decide and pick, cause there are sooo many options!! Aren't they the custest thing?

And with this I leave you all till, hopefully tomorrow, or at the very least Sunday, with the extra 5 weeks Sundays Shots!