Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Darling Niki!

Wednesday as arrived once again, and so has my Wearing Handmade Wednesday entry!

Autumn has arrived, and with it the rain, the chilly weather and all the reasons to take out your hoodies, long sleeves and coats!

Darling Niki coat!

I got this super cute perfect-for-autumn coat from Darling Niki this past May, so I didn't really got a chance to wear it till now. It was created as part of the CraftAnon Etsy Street Team theme for November (Cosmic Latte!) and I was lucky enough to get it when it was on sale! It's perfect for those days of autumn or spring, when it's getting chilly but not too cool, and you get to look chic and cozy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie!!

Monday is here, and it's also the day before I'm turning 30... woah!

It's been a while since I've started a new decade (well, 10 years exactly, but you know...) and I really feel it's been quite a whirlwind, since I turned 20 and now I've arrived at the doorstep of a new decade, wondering if I should start feeling old, worrying about how time flies or worry about what changes await me now...

But, I'm not gonna do any of those in this blog entry! No sir, I'm gonna be showing off one of my self-presents for turning 30!

I found Plum Pretty Sugar's shop on Etsy while doing a search for kimonos. Fell in love with her entire shop, hearted it and waited for the right time to indulge myself. And it arrived this month, when I thought that instead of worrying about getting old for turning 30, I'd pamper myself, cause I deserve it! After all, birthdays are a celebration of life, and we should always enjoy and celebrate we are alive!

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie, you might be wondering what's loungerie? Well, lovely clothes to lounge around! Kimono robes, pyjama pants, tank tops, camisoles, tunic dresses... all in wonderful fabrics, most of them also from India! So, really, what's not to love?

My favourite fabric has to be "Pink Love Poppy" and that's the fabric I got my Knee length Kimono robe in size medium.

Once thing I love about Etsy, is how sellers almost always care enough to contact you about your order and thank you for your custom, and this time was no exception. And since the shipping & custom times from US to Spain are beating records in speed, my Kimono robe arrived here super quickly!

It came lovely wrapped and tagged, and with care recommendations. I tried it on right as I got it off the parcel, and wow, the fabric as an amazing soft and silky feel on your skin! Inner tie, thick sash, kimono sleeves... I'm even more in love with my robe than even I expected to be!

As she proclaims in her website, it's absolutely ideal to lounge around home comfy and looking great, and also perfect to open the door to the postman, neighbor asking for salt, have a coffee/tea with your best friend, and to pack and take with you on vacation to look fabulous while being lazy!

After getting my robe, my wish list from Plum Pretty Sugar's shop has grown exponentially! I think I need one of everything! But what I really want to get next are the pyjama pants & matching tank in Pretty Love Poppy, maybe a Christmas self present?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Photos for Friday!

Finally back at work after a lovely break last weekend at my parents' cottage. I'll leave you with a few shots I took there, and Miss Cinnamon, of course!

Have a very happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: RockerByeBaby!

Wearing Handmade Wednesday is back once again!

RD is quite a lil ladies' man already!

This week I'm sharing a slightly old photo, but one that I adore! RD, G's nephew with his RockerByeBaby blanket!

RockerByeBaby is your shop for not only the most amazing blankets, but also beddings, skullies, tees and all sort of amazing things for babies! And not only for babies and toddlers, but also for adults! I own two of her amazing blankies, and so do G and his mum! If you have a baby coming, or are going to attend a baby shower, check her shop, and your present will be the most awesome of all!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cb Sew: Tardis phone cover!!

Monday again, and nothing better to battle off the Monday Blues than something blue and cool!

As you all have probably gathered already, I'm quite the lil geek and science fiction fan, and if you didn't know it... well, I am!

I recently got myself a new phone, G had been telling me for months that I needed to get a new (and cooler) phone, I had thought of getting an iPhone, but I usually get frustrated with Apple products, and G is a Microsoft guy through and through, so he was pushing for an Android phone.

In the end, after checking out my company's rewards points, we found an pretty decent Android phone that I could get for free! So I got myself the Huawei Ivy and sort of catch up with technology a bit!

Even before I got the phone, once I knew which one I was getting, I went to Etsy and ordered a new cover for the new phone! I went straight to Cb Sew's shop, and her Tardis phone cover that I found doing a search for Doctor Who items! Her phone cover are originally made for iPhones, iPods and iTouchs, but in every listing she says she can make them also for other phones.

And sure enough, I told her that I was getting a new phone and not an iPhone on the message to seller, she convoed me and asked for measurements of my phone, so she could make sure the pouch would fit it! And once again, I got a convo once my pouch was sent. Being kept on the loop is one of those things I really appreciate from Etsy sellers!

My Ivy had to be for a week in my old phone sock, that was a lil small for it, but soon enough my Tardis arrived! And it's amazing, all detailed and I can say I have a Tardis for my phone! Yes, I do geek out a bit about it, but what can I say... I AM a Doctor Who geek!

The phone slips in and out very easily from the cover and it is a lil taller than the phone, so it won't get scratches easily. Also, I can hear the phone ringing perfectly, so not muffled sound or not hearing calls or messages.

Why yes, that's Mr Eric Northman as my wallpaper in my new phone! ;)

If you are not a Doctor Who fan (for shame, really!!) but are still rather geeky, there's plenty more amazing stuff in her shop, even Van Gogh painting's! I think I need me a Starry Night's business cards case...

Friday, September 17, 2010


Friday is here again, and this time, funnily enough, it does mean the weekend for me too!

This weekend I'm gonna run away to the cottage, where I expect I'll be taking loads of pics and playing with Miss Cinnamon, but I'm leaving all you ladies with a blog entry to ready and a gorgeous bag to ogle at!

I met the talented Cheri of StellarCheri through my favourite forum for crafters and handmade lovers, Attack of the Craft! She's been making clothes and accessories for years, and I've been wanting to get one of her pieces for a while, but when I saw her Green Spiderwebs purse... I knew it had to be mine!

Not only is super stylish (or so all my co-workers thought last Friday when they saw it) and very Halloween-y but also is green! I have a serious lack of green accessories in my wardrobe, so a green purse was a must! And no, you're not allowed to ask how many bags and purses I already own... trust me, it's better this way!

The green fabric is an absolutely gorgeous shade, but a lil difficult for my camera to depict true to colour, so after quite some tweaking, the photos do show two shades of green *sigh*. The spiderwebs mesh is overlayed the green fabric, but somehow Cheri managed to do in such a way that it seems just one fabric!

It's not a big purse, it's the perfect size for shoulder purse to go out, with a magnetic snap closing, and zippered pocket, ideal for the keys and phone. Not bulky but quite roomy, cause I took it to work on Friday and I went out for dinner and movie with my bff, and I packed: wallet, phone, sunglasses case, cards pouch, work's ID, car keys with home keys, and the keys for work and my Tokyotombola apple cover!

If you've fallen in love with this gorgeous purse, there's still one available in her shop, in Royal Blue (hurry before I decide I need that one, since Royal Blue is my fave colour!) or you can always ask Cheri to make you a custom one! She made a purple one for Deb of OnCupcakeMoon that was to die for!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Label of Hope!

Aaaaand it's Wednesday again! Wearing Handmade Wednesday here!

G & me at Deeksha's baby shower, wearing my kimono style Label of Hope top!

This week I'm sharing one of my long time loves in the handmade world, Miss Hope, the gorgeous and talented lady behind Label of Hope!

I discovered Hope's work on eBay and soon started to bid and win some of her pieces, and when she did the the shift to Etsy, I couldn't be happier! I have SO many of her amazing designs, and I've also got myself made some custom ones too! You really need to check her Etsy shop, and if you wanna see her portfolio, check her website! You're sure to fall in love with something!

Monday, September 13, 2010

More Skull And sCrossBuns!!

I've already told you all about this amazing shop called Skull And CrossBuns run by an amazing artist and mum of two from the UK called Emily, right?

Well, I'm just here to show off the amazing new goodies I got myself from her shop! After getting my two awesome custom stamps made, I fell in love with some her stamps in stock, and so I went and got me some!

It was just after I had come back from Maiden's concert, so of course, I had to get her Keep Calm and Rock On! stamp, and thinking of adding a more personal touch to both b-day and Holidays cards & envelopes, I got myself a super cute Cupcake stamp and a Skull & Cross Canes stamp that is perfect both for Hallowe'en and Yule/Christmas/Winter Solstice!

Aside from how awesome her stamps are, one of the best things about Emily is how cute she makes her packaging, you almost feel bad for ripping into it!

Not only I got my stamps, but she also sent me an extra one, quite the perfect companion for the Keep Calm and Rock On! stamp, a Devil Horns stamp! (I'd like to remember here the great Ronnie James Dio, who was the one to bring them to rock'n'roll!)! These two really are the perfect pair! I can't wait to start using them, though I'm still plotting how!

The Cupcake and Skull & Cross Canes I already have a very clear idea of what I'll be using them for!

Cupcake stamp I've already used for adding some cute cupcakes all over a friend's b-day card and envelope! No more sending boring envelopes in the mail, I'm all for making people smile before they even open the envelope! ;) And this cupcake is perfect for it! So cute and even has a heart!

Skull & Cross Canes will be my stamp for adding a personal touch to all my holiday cards and again, envelopes! I always think envelopes look too boring all blank with just the address on them, and drawing something by hand on all of them can be a bit daunting, perfect solution? A stamp!

These are for sure not the last stamps I will be getting from Emily's shop, and we're already plotting together a super special stamp, but I won't be saying any more, waaay too soon for that!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friends and family for a Friday, always some handmade around!

Friday again! And once again, not the beginning of the weekend for me, I had my weekend Monday and Tuesday, the wonders of a nurse's schedule!

Here I am again, going to share a few photos from G's trip to Spain, more specifically the ones of him meeting up my parents, my bro, sis-in-law, nephews and my friends!

As I picked G from the airport, I drove us straight to my parent's cottage, since we were celebrating my mum's b-day that night with a BBQ and tiramisu for dessert! G not only got to meet my family there (except my youngest nephew) but also two of my best friends, Gema & Emilio, that came down for the celebration and meeting!

G with Gema and Emilio

Gaurav, Gema and myself

We had a fantastic dinner, but since G's Spanish is not too good yet, I had to double as translator for him and everyone, since English fluency is not big around here...

G also got to meet Miss Cinnamon, but for some strange reason she wasn't too fond of him, she started barking at him and wouldn't come near me when G was around... My spoiled lil pup... She had to be the first doggie ever not to like G on sight... all my dad's dogs instantly loved him!

Miss Cinnamon being all sulky

We stayed at the cottage for a few days, and G fell in love with it, I'm so happy and relieved he does! I love staying there, it's so peaceful and just plain great... and I'm so glad he thinks the same!

He also enjoyed the whole home grown veggies and fruit, he even had some veggies for dinner! And also loved cucumbers & tomatoes salad with olive oil and vinegar, simple, but the taste of the veggies is great, fresh out of the garden!

My parents grow cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and also have plum trees, almond trees and fig trees! They also love taking walks in the country and gather and dry their own Rock Tea (not from the same family of your regular black, red or green tea), and G fell in love with all this!

Even though we would have spent all days at the cottage, we were meeting again with Gema and Emilio at their house on Wednesday and also with Alberto (Emi's brother) and David for dinner. We had a great time, and since David is also fluent in English, I wasn't the only translator in the dinner table! Around midnight we were ready to leave, and a bit sleepy, so we thought that before the drive we'd have some coffee, and even though it was a really tasty coffee, it was a BIG mistake, cause we ended up having a sleepless night, awake till around 7 am!

From left to right: Gema, Emilio, David, Alberto, yours truly & Gaurav

After our weekend away at Valencia, for the Maiden concert, we had another family dinner, at my bro's house, so G could see their house, meet Nana (their doggie) and Alex (my younger nephew) and say his farewells, since the next day he was flying back to India.

Gaurav with my nephews, Alex & Joel

Gaurav and Nana, friends at first sight!

A full family portrait! And me & my sis-in-law wearing some RockyTheZombie!