Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: RockerByeBaby!!

Well, yes... Hello everyone! The blog is still alive, sort of!

My motivation for blogging has been rather off as of late, and with a two weeks improptu trip to India and then many days on a row working to return the days my co-workers covered for me... I just didn't have the energy!

I will try to be more constant on the blogging, but really, I can't promise anything, except that I'll try! (Sorry Yoda).

So, here is Wearing Handmade Wednesday!

The bf with his new RBB blankie!

Earlier this year, my boyfriend's dog, Max, died, and since Max loved sleeping on the bf's RockerByeBaby blankie, G thought that Max deserved to be cremated in that same blankie. Fast forward a few months, and G was saying that he needed a new RBB blankie to face the cold months ahead, and he asked for an extra big throw blanket size, and Amber being as awesome as she is, did it! The bf still says it's a bit small, but of course, he's huge! Truth be told, it is the perfect excuse for me to steal his blankie! ;)

RockerByeBaby is a shop mostly for babies and kids, but she also has a special listing for a throw blanket size, so adults can enjoy the awesomeness of their blankies!

That's all for today, but hopefully I'll return soon, sometime this week, maybe?