Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cupcaking Obession!

As some of you might have noticed, I've been pretty much obsessed with everything cupcakes & baking as of late (at least till this blasted heat wave arrived, cause now the thought of baking makes me sweat buckets!) so much that the bf joked that I had been possessed by Martha Stewart...

It all started with Tom's recipe for cupcakes, as well as my own back-to-baking with the lemon muffins... Then I saw Deb's recipe in her blog for S'mores Cupcakes that recommended foil lined liners for best results, so I turned to Etsy to look for cupcake foil liners... and I found all sort of goodness! Currently I've bought from two shops: Sweet Estelle and The Cupcake Social, and both have had super fast shipping and great customer service!

From Sweet Estelle:

From The Cupcake Social:

And outside of Etsy, I was looking for recipe books for cupcakes and other bakes, so I went to my usual online bookstore: The Book Depository (that has free worldwide shipping!) and got myself a book: GoodFood 101 Cupcakes & Small Bakes and also a set that includes frosting tips, a recipe book and a bunch of cupcake liners: Cupcake Kit!

Now, I'm just wishing the weather will cool off a lil bit so I feel like baking again, cause there are a bunch of things I want to try!


  1. Oo I had that cupcake kit, it's brilliant. Although I tried the recipe in the book and it was a big fail. But it may have been cos I dont use cups in my measurements and was a little confusing. Pretty cases, I will have to have a browse of those shops :D

  2. wow, i will have to check out these shops for some cute liners for myself! right now all i have are the plain silver ones. thank you for sharing this one!!!!! =)

  3. I can't wait to see what you make with them! Thank you for the kind mention!

  4. Hi Pili!
    BBC good food is a good site too (highly recommended). Oh, I should really try to make some cupcakes. Tonight I had my random concoction of baking ingredients and completely failed it! (tasted a little like panettone though!).
    Please post some of your cupcakes when you make them :D

  5. I love that cupcake kit!! I am a big sucker for cupcakes...I cannot get enough of them!

    I am going to have to check out those shops and see about getting those fun liners! Love those!! :)

  6. How fun! I also have a deep love for cupcakes, but I've only baked them myself once. I made peppermint cupcakes with homemade icing and sugar sprinkles over the holiday. They turned out really well, but I'm itching to bake some more. I hope you'll post pictures when the weather finally cools off enough for you to get out your oven mitts!

  7. I love cupcake stuff too! I havent baked any in a while actually.
    The cases you chose are lovely, I would like to try using the foil wrappers too.


  8. I haven't baked cupcakes in a long time! Might have to make some during the week if it cools off enough at night. Baking only happens in the evenings once the temps drop a bit. We don't have air conditioning so I don't want to heat up the house :)

  9. You are really a cupcake person, Pili! I love to see people doing what they're passionate about. Yours is of course baking cupcakes (besides shopping on etsy, photography and sharing lots of goodies with your friends)! I'm hoping I'll get to taste one of your cupcake someday. ;)


  10. Pili, I've missed so many of your latest posts, I have to catch up! :) I LOVE Sweet Estelle, I got some cookie cutters from her that I adore! Adorable cupcake liners btw, I can't wait to see your cupcake creations!

  11. I just finished off some delicious cupcakes *urp*. Nothing fancy & from the grocery store but they were tasty none the less!

    Pili, check my blog plz :D

  12. hhaha so cool!!!



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