Monday, July 26, 2010

Camamiel: Dolls & Art!! Escarlatina the Nurse!

Hello there!

It's Monday again, and I'm working night shift, but I'm having a slightly lighter week than previous, getting a few more days off, so I'll have a bit more time to blog, and to have some more social life!

I've been a bit over-worked and a bit burnt out at work for the past few months, very much in need of vacation, and feeling like I really needed a break... And then, out of the blue, Deb from On Cupcake Moon linked me to an absolutely CUTE nurse felt doll she had seen in one of her favourite Etsy shops: Camamiel! And that she said, reminded her of me!

Camamiel's owner and artist behind the cuteness, Ana, actually lives in Madrid, the same province than I do! I was so surprised I hadn't found her shop, being local and all, in Etsy!

She has the cutest postcards, felt brooches and the most fabulous felt dolls I've ever seen! And one of them, is the cutest nurse you've ever see! Escarlatina is a super nice nurse, understanding and kind! And just reading her Etsy listing made me remember why I love being a nurse so much, and why my work is important!

So, I obviously had to buy Escarlatina, and bring her home with me! I still haven't taken her to work, cause we've been pretty busy as of late, and I'm not sure how good an idea would be bringing my little friend with me, but I still plan to, at some point!

When Escarlatina arrived (fastest shipping ever, of course, I'm more used to packages coming from overseas or Europe, not from Spain itself!) the package not only had a super cute label and stickers, but it was also super well protected, with hard cardboard, to ensure Escarlatina was well protected!

I also got a pair of pins I'll be adding to some of my bags, but also some lovely postcards featuring some other of Camamiel's lovely dolls and art!

Escarlatina was a lil shy at the beginning, but since we both have loads in common, we soon became good friends and she has also become very good friends with the other nurse doll I got as a graduation present from one of my best friends.

In this case, not only this lovely piece of felt art is very well made, but it also has a more deep emotional connection with me... this little lovely doll have helped me get over a bit of slump of burnt out at work, and reminded me of how much I love my job!


  1. as you know, i love camamiel's shop!!! and escarlatina is just too cute. i'm so glad you were able to get her as your own little mini-me. =)

  2. OMG! I love your new nurse doll! I have to go check out her shop now. :) Deb was right, it's perfect for you!

    I'm happy she brought back your spark for nursing, all jobs (even the ones we love), can get tough at times. Hang in there! xx

  3. That's awesome that you got the nurse...It's fitting!!! I love Ana's work.

  4. awww, that's adorable! glad it got you out of your slump!


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