Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 11 (Monday Edition)

Hey there!

Well, both me and Gaurav have proved that we're not too good with deadlines, so here go out Sunday shots entry, once again, on a Monday.

Say hello to Mr Thumb!

And Wall-E & me!

Hopefully more to come this week on the entries front, once I finally kick this cold's arse!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 10

Well, this week has been much more productive, blog-wise, though it could have been a lil bit more productive, but if I can keep up this pace, it'll be good!

Here are the shots for this week! Mine is a bit more abstract, and Gaurav's is more touching!

Keep an eye out for next week's new entries!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Custom Cranium by DeadThingsGrrl!!

One of the best things of getting handmade pieces is not only the fact that you are getting a piece made with love and dedication, but also the fact that you can be getting a piece custom made for you and only you, and get exactly the kind of unique and quirky piece of art, perfect for you, but that would be appreciated by the masses or would be in any "common" shops. But if you are a lover of the unique and the handmade, why would you want something common or mass-craved?

One of the advantages of being part of a forum like DIYScene, full of crafters and artists, is that you get to see loads of amazing pieces, and meet some amazing artists, and there is where I met Darien, the brains and talent behind Custom Cranium!

Custom Cranium is NOT the shop for those of you looking for cute, usual stuff that everyone and their grandma would like, it's the shop for those who love another kind of cuteness, the one that has a bit of dark, quirky and different in it. From her SnuffStuffies, not stuffed animals, but pieces of art, that give new life to old and abandoned animal bones and stuffed animals, to her amazingly unique jewellry, everything is different, in the best way possible, to the mainstream pieces of art that you can see anywhere.

Darien started painting My Little Ponies, to give them a new different, and let's face it, more awesome look! I remember wanting to have a MLP when I was about 5 or 6, but never got one, and seeing them, looking not as the simple mass-produced toys, but given new life as collection pieces of art, made ask, beg and plead Darien to paint me a custom MLP.

Her first painted MLP was a Day of the Dead MLP, an absolute brilliant piece, and asked her for something somewhat similar, in the DotD sort of style, and since she didn't have another white pony to paint, I went for a blue one, since blue is my favourite colour! I gave her my favourite colours, the request of the pony not having its hair cut, but otherwise gave her total creative freedom, and the piece she created, that she nicknamed Pilipony, surpased all my expectations!

We had a few issues with Darien's P.O. (I'm sure they wanted to keep my pony for themselves, evil people!) but she managed not only to ensure the pony arrived to my door, but also fixed her P.O. issues including kicking some arses and getting people that weren't doing their work fired, now, that's what I call fixing problems thoroughly!

So, now my Pilipony is home with me, and I keep nagging Darien to paint more ponies, cause I wanna have a whole collection! And if you had this beauty with you, I'm sure you'd think like me!

Don't you all want a custom painted pony now?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dingogirl's Den!!

As promised, a blog entry that is NOT our Sunday shots photographs!

This blog entry, as many others, have been a while on the making, due to lack of photographs, lack of time, and lack of motivation to either sit down and write it, or go take the pictures... But, after all that, here it is!

I met Jolene from Dingogirl's Den via DIYScene, and since day one I fell in love with her wonderful characters that she made live in her messenger bags, pillows and even art dolls... Really cute but in a different way, not your sugary, seen-everywhere cute. You have doggies, angry cats, David the gnome's look-alike, feisty sheep, awfully cute monsters and anything that you can imagine!

I always thought I wanted, at the very least, one of her pillows for when I have my own place, but, when my dad brought lil Cinnamon (Canela in Spanish) home, the cutest, tiniest lil puppy ever, something started brewing inside my head... and after a while, I decided to ask Jolene if she'd be willing to make me a custom pillow, with a Cinnamon doppelganger appliqued! She was quite excited about the challenge, since she had never caricaturized a living being before!

The process could have been even smoother if I hadn't dissappeared when my laptop died, leaving Jolene with only one picture of Cinnamon to work with, and an un-approved sketch for over a week... Thanks Jolene for your patience! Once I got a new laptop, we resumed the process, and Jolene's sketch was very enthusiastically approved!

And that was just the beginning, cause when I saw the pictures of the finished pillow, I just couldn't believe the AMAZING job that Jolene had done! I clearly had my puppy, in pillow form right before my eyes! And not only that, but you need to read Jolene's blog entry about the pillow, to get the whole info of all the time, dedication and love (even using a family's vintage fabric that has been in her family for generations!) that she put into this pillow!

Once the pillow arrived home, I couldn't believe it, but it was EVEN better in person! I have it now on my bed, and will be coming with me whenever I move out and wherever I move to! No matter what, even if I can't take my Cinnamon with me, and she'll have to stay with my parents, I'll always have this beautiful pillow with me!

This weekend, I had promised Jolene I'd get pictures of miss Cinnamon with her fabric doppelganger, and even if it proved to be a bit of a challenge (she's such an active puppy!) I managed to take a few pics of the both of them together! Aren't they cute?

"Mommy, are we done with pictures yet?"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 9

Hey there again!

I know... I said I would update the blog more often, and I haven't... BUT not only I am here again with the Sunday photographs, I am also promising at least TWO new blog entries for next week! With luck, and a few more pics... Maybe two more!

Anyways... Here go the pics!

Stay tuned for more blog entries next week, promised!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 8

Good evening!

I know the blog has been a bit abandoned as of late, but I haven't been too inspired to either take pics, or write new blog entries, but since I had this week's self-shot to take care of, I got into gear this morning when I arrived from working night shift, and managed to take a bunch of nice shots that I will be using not only here but on prospect blog entries!

Gaurav's shot for this week is a self-portrait of a different kind, even if he's not present physically, the shot very much reflects him!

My shot has once again a guest, same one from last week, my puppy Cinnamon, just in a slightly different form!

Keep your eyes peeled for hopefully more blog entries next week! ;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 7 (Monday Edition)

Hello there again!

Well, once again, we're late with our weekly challenge of pictures... I know, week 7 and we can't even keep to schedule? But this time it was due to no connection, cause I only arrived today from my parents' cottage, which is the perfect place to relax, and no internet available!

Anyways, here are both Gaurav and mine pictures! And both reflect what our weekend was about!

More next Sunday, and yes, I'm talking about this week's Sunday!