Thursday, June 18, 2009

Custom Cranium by DeadThingsGrrl!!

One of the best things of getting handmade pieces is not only the fact that you are getting a piece made with love and dedication, but also the fact that you can be getting a piece custom made for you and only you, and get exactly the kind of unique and quirky piece of art, perfect for you, but that would be appreciated by the masses or would be in any "common" shops. But if you are a lover of the unique and the handmade, why would you want something common or mass-craved?

One of the advantages of being part of a forum like DIYScene, full of crafters and artists, is that you get to see loads of amazing pieces, and meet some amazing artists, and there is where I met Darien, the brains and talent behind Custom Cranium!

Custom Cranium is NOT the shop for those of you looking for cute, usual stuff that everyone and their grandma would like, it's the shop for those who love another kind of cuteness, the one that has a bit of dark, quirky and different in it. From her SnuffStuffies, not stuffed animals, but pieces of art, that give new life to old and abandoned animal bones and stuffed animals, to her amazingly unique jewellry, everything is different, in the best way possible, to the mainstream pieces of art that you can see anywhere.

Darien started painting My Little Ponies, to give them a new different, and let's face it, more awesome look! I remember wanting to have a MLP when I was about 5 or 6, but never got one, and seeing them, looking not as the simple mass-produced toys, but given new life as collection pieces of art, made ask, beg and plead Darien to paint me a custom MLP.

Her first painted MLP was a Day of the Dead MLP, an absolute brilliant piece, and asked her for something somewhat similar, in the DotD sort of style, and since she didn't have another white pony to paint, I went for a blue one, since blue is my favourite colour! I gave her my favourite colours, the request of the pony not having its hair cut, but otherwise gave her total creative freedom, and the piece she created, that she nicknamed Pilipony, surpased all my expectations!

We had a few issues with Darien's P.O. (I'm sure they wanted to keep my pony for themselves, evil people!) but she managed not only to ensure the pony arrived to my door, but also fixed her P.O. issues including kicking some arses and getting people that weren't doing their work fired, now, that's what I call fixing problems thoroughly!

So, now my Pilipony is home with me, and I keep nagging Darien to paint more ponies, cause I wanna have a whole collection! And if you had this beauty with you, I'm sure you'd think like me!

Don't you all want a custom painted pony now?


  1. Darien Rocks.
    Oh yes she does.

    thats all.

  2. Pili, you are so amazingly awesome. thank you for the blog post, thanks for the compliments, and thank you for just being kickass :) I am glad I met you.

  3. You're making me blush, Darien.

    I'm the one honoured and proud to own one of your creations and having met such a kickass lady and talented artist!

  4. Her ponies are SO AWESOME! I am lucky enough to have two gracing my bookshelves! She even made me a kick arse mermaid one!! (Cos she knows how nutty I am for mermaids...Darien's the coolest!)

    I love the blue and orange!! Such an awesome job!

  5. This is amazing! Darien is totally talented. Your pony is really cute. I love it!
    I see many abandoned plush toys in charity shops and it is wonderful that there are someone who can make such a wonderful art with them! :D

  6. i always love darien's ponies! your's is adorable....and very....well, pili! :) love it!

  7. that's so cool... definitely a great twist on My Little Pony! =D


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