Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I really am not doing too well about updating the blog, and my blogging has become a bit more erratic than I would like, but the beginning of summer and work have been sucking the energy out of me!

But, here I am again, with a few more blog entries all lined up for the rest of the week (hopefully) and on this hot Wednesday, I shall start by dedicating a full blog post to the talented Renate of Kreativlink!

Renate lives & creates in the lovely country of Austria (where I really really wanna go on vacation some day!). I've had her Etsy shop hearted for a long long time, and I had been wanting to get myself one of her journals for the longer time!

I first got one of her journals as a present for my friend Esther (see entry here) but after hearting items, trying to choose one from the many I liked and once I had decided, seeing that someone had snatched it before me, I decided to grab this gorgeous Ivy journal! And I was even happier after Renate told me it was the last one she had made!

Renate does create these amazing journals from scratch, hand cutting the paper for them, stain it and make it look old. Paints the designs and hand bound them, truly works of art in journal form!

My lovely Ivy journal is surely only the first one of the journals I know I will be getting from Kreativlink, at the very least I still have to grab myself the "right" Egyptian journal!

I love the way my Ivy journal came packed, with Austrian newspaper pages, that became a really nice background for the shots! And also, the certificate of authenticity and the bookmark that came with it! (And the Haribo bears that disappeared shortly after!).

Now I just need to bring myself to start using it, may it be to write, if my inspiration ever returns, or to take notes and plan blog entries and photos, and maybe even to start making lists about my photography, or about my travels or planning shoots... who knows! So many things can fill these pages!

Dinner is calling my name now, but I promise a new blog entry tomorrow, till then, have a great day!


  1. That's gorgeous! You always find the coolest stuff, Pili!

  2. what a gorgeous journal and bookmark! thanks for introducing me to another fabulous handmade shop (which is now hearted!). i love her trees/plants journal designs especially. =)

  3. Thanks for this lovely feature! I have the best of customers, yes! :)

  4. Wow I love it and not to mention the way it came wrapped!

  5. Renates journals are gorgeous! Great post!

  6. What a beautiful journal!!
    You are one lucky woman :) Hope you have a relaxing rest of the week.

  7. I really love this journal! So much more special that its handmade too.



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