Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shopping Handmade: Pilu's Birthday

Hello there!

Going back to work today was such a release! I had a MUCH better shift which means I arrived home earlier, I could park better and I'm not as tired, which in turn allows me to blog before going to sleep early, since tomorrow I work morning shift (my last day at work before my holidays, yay!).

Today's morning I met up with one of my best friends since Nursing School. for a coffee and some b-day presents swapping! We hadn't seen each other since before my b-day and I wanted to make sure that even if I'm gonna miss her b-day, cause I'll be in the US, she didn't have to wait till November to get them!

Pilu and me were nicknamed "Siamese sisters" during nursing school by our friends, cause we have sooooo many things in common, and we both are dark haired, dark eyes and we both have curls, and also share our two first names!

As with many things, we started reading and getting hooked to Twilight without telling each other about it, or even recommending it, but when we found we had both got hooked to the books, we started talking about them and planning going to see New Moon together!

One of the many times we met, for lunch & a movie, or for window (and real) shopping & coffee, I was wearing a pair of my Noriane's Bijoux pieces, and she fell in love with my Midnight Sun pendant, so I quickly made a mental note to get her one for her b-day, and I also got the idea of getting her a custom (and unique) matching bracelet. Noriane not only was happy to oblige but also managed to make such a fantastic piece that Pilu is very lucky that I like her as much as I do and I decided to give to her and not keep for myself!

I also knew that she would totally love the very cute Kukubee Twilight pouches, and I decided to get her the Lion & Lamb set of mini pouches, so I would put each of the jewellery pieces in each one of the pouches! It would serve as a sort of gift wrapping within the gift wrapping!

So, this morning during coffee we did the gift swapping, and she absolutely LOVED both the very cute pouches, and was absolutely thrilled by the fact that she got a pendant like mine and even more about the unique custom bracelet that matched it!

Wondering what I got? An awesome green leather (or pleather, I'm no sure) jacket we both had seen (and loved) on one of out previous shopping trips! ;)


  1. You are an absolutely thoughtful and sweet friend! :) The twilight pouch is too cute!! I had a best friend when I was in elementary school. We would always be seen together..when she was around, I had to be somewhere beside and vice versa. We were actually named the 'siamese sisters' too. Come to think of it, it was really funny. Haha.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. :)


  2. ooooh, love those pouches and pretty jewelry! <3


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