Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Pages: The Lovely And The Lost by Page Morgan!!

Happy Saturday everyone! This week I'm starting Saturday Pages with an amazing sequel to a pretty great book that my favourite book pusher made sure I read (THANK YOU ALYSSA!). Not only is an awesome sequel that brings the story to a higher level & broaden the world building but also is one of my reads for the 2014 Book Blogger Summer Reading Program!

The Lovely and the LostThe Lovely and the Lost by Page Morgan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you are looking for a fantastic series with a great first book and an even more amazing sequel that doesn't suffer from middle book syndrome, you NEED to get your hands in The Dispossesed series! (Thank you again, Alyssa, for making sure I read them!).

The Lovely And The Lost start right after the events that take place in the first book, so you can expect some spoilers for book 1 in this review. Otherwise, I will try to keep my review as spoiler free as possible.

After their battle with Axia, the Waverly siblings are back to their abbey, but their return hasn't brought things back to normal. Gabby has returned with visible marks and a desire to learn to fight and join the Alliance. Ingrid is trying to learn to control her powers after discovering more about them and is trying to deal with her own emotional mess after Luc's declaration at the end of the book. And Grayson is even more confused and unhappy that before, having a very hard time reconciling his two natures.

If things were not complicated enough, two paternal figures are introduced and none of them are nice at all. Both were ignorant, headstrong and in short... awful! We also find out a lot more about the Alliance and more about the others with demon blood. We also find out about new players in the game, ones that even being human don't have anything to envy to Axia's on evil plans to gain power.

The love triangle that was hinted at in book one is more present here, even if Ingrid was always quite sure who her heart belonged to, no matter what was happening. Might be that why this love triangle didn't bother me as much, and I'm NOT a fan of love triangles at all!

The stakes are higher, the conflict gets even more broader and not only you're fighting demons but you no longer know who your allies are, if you even have any allies left. There's a war brewing and even those on your side might be taken away from you.

The atmosphere of the book was fantastically historical and gothic at the same time, and the way the plot moves along had me turning the pages barely fast enough! I love the relationships between the Waverly siblings, even if I wish someone would help Grayson somehow fight better to accept himself and gather some control, instead of just giving himself into self loathing.

This was a fantastic second book and one of the best sequels I've recently read! Very much deserving of 4.5 stars and damn, where does the third book come out then?!?

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  1. Ugh, I love fantasy and you're introducing something new to me that would surely deter me away from my ARCs! Haha! I'm so excited for this one. I added it to my TBR and will be on a hunt for the first book. series with not-disappointing sequels are truly far and few between so this makes me happy, knowing it delivers.

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

    1. Errrrm, you know... Sorry-not-sorry! Get back to those ARCs lady, but put these two books in your list of must-read when you have time in between ARCs! I wasn't sure I'd like them thinking they'd be too heavy in the romance front, but they're really fantastic!

  2. Amazing review sweetie :D So glad you mostly loved this book. <3 I'm hoping to start this series soonish. As I do own both books :) Just a bit unsure, as I HATE love triangles :( I'm glad it didn't bother you too much, but.. if there is kissing of someone else it is not for me. Sniffs. *Fingers crossed, lol* Anyway. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. I hope you will give it a chance! You know I don't like love triangles and this one wasn't one that bothered me!

  3. WOOHOO! So glad you loved this one! I was a little scared because I remember that I let it slip that the ending was, well, mean-ish, but I'm so happy that you loved the book despite me shooting my mouth off! Or whatever the phrase is. That's a weird phrase. I can't imagine what the phrase would be in Spanish.


    Anyway. Fantastic review, Pili!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. First of all, I prefer very much to be warned about soul crushing endings or awful cliffhangers! Being forewarned is being forearmed, or something like that!
      And second, yep, we have something similar in Spanish "irse de la lengua"!! ;)

  4. I stopped reading the review when I realized this was the second book in a series. It's no fun having a book ruined for yourself so I'm off to check the first book. :)

    1. Yep,nothing like accidentally spoiling yourself! Do check out the first book and give this whole series a chance!


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