Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Pages: The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa!!

Hey guys! I'm gonna be starting this week's Saturday Pages with the book that was originally planned as the ending of the Iron Fey trilogy, but that thankfully became the third one into a four book series! As the rest of the books, this one is part of my 2014 Series Challenge!

The Iron Queen (Iron Fey, #3)The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After the ending of The Iron Daughter that left us with so many questions and unsolved issues, I jumped straight into reading The Iron Queen (joys of binge reading a series!).

As always, you can expect some spoilers for both The Iron King and The Iron Daughter on this review, but will try my best to avoid any spoilers for the plot of this one.

This was conceived as the final book on the trilogy, but I'm so glad that Julie decided to add Ash's book afterwards!

We start right where we left Meghan and Ash at the end of The Iron Daughter, exiled to the human world and Meghan feeling like she can finally go home to her family with Ash by her side. But of course, things couldn't & wouldn't be that easy, would they? Poor Meghan realizes that exile or not, the Iron Fey are still there and she'd put her family in danger by coming back home, so she decides to not hide and bring the fight to the Iron Realm!

I really liked Meghan so much in this book! Even with all her doubts and sometimes even her denial to see what was in front of her, she was always strong, she always made the choices that had to be made, even if they were extremely tough for her, and she had a fantastic non-Fey attitude that the Nevernever really needs! Even so, she's gotten so much better at avoiding being tricked by the Fey, she's still her but won't be run head first into anything with the Fey and will be more mindful of her words & contracts to them.

She once again teams up with Grimalkin (YAY!), Ash & Puck, and all together they start their journey to defeat the False Iron King in the very heart of the Iron Realm, while there's a battle about to start between Summer & Winter or maybe finally with Summer & Winter as allies against the Iron Fey.

The world building as always was absolutely phenomenal, the Iron Realm was such a fascinating place! With equally fascinating creatures, and we finally properly meet Razor! (I had been waiting for his introduction forever since I fell in love with him in The Lost Prince!) but Grimalkin continues to be my absolute favourite secondary character here, he's just so Chesire cat but even more awesome!

The relationship between Ash and Meghan was great, even if sometimes Ash got terribly offended by things that Meghan did meaning well and without the knowledge of what it'd mean for him as a fey, which required some talking between them after someone explained it to Meghan. Why wouldn't Ash try and explain things before getting all closed up and letting Meghan figure it on his own? At least Meghan tends to explain why or why not she does things! Still, their relationship is quite sweet and it's great that they support each other fight as equals.

The final part of the book and the ending are particularly cruel to the reader's feelings and I was saved of more awful suffering because I already knew how everything ended up since I had read the spin-off series first. But still, I went onto read The Iron Knight as soon as I finished The Iron Queen!

An amazing book with great world building, quite the intriguing plot (even if I figured out who the False Iron King was before Meghan did, I felt a bit like Grimalkin there...) and that quite simply made me love reading about the Fey! Well deserved 4.5 stars!

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  1. Ack, yes. The ending for this book was quite cruel. Sigh. But I did love it too :D Great review sweetie. <3


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