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Mark This Book Monday: The Warrior by Victoria Scott!!

As the second and final entry for this week's Mark This Book Monday, I have an unexpected one! I didn't expect to get approved by Entangled Pub on NetGalley for it (THANK YOU!) and  that prompted a change of reading plans!

It was all for the best, since now I have another series in the bag for my 2014 Series Challenge and another ARC done for my 2014 Review Pie Reading Challenge!

The Warrior (Dante Walker, #3)The Warrior by Victoria Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I requested The Warrior on NetGalley I was crossing my fingers and hoping I'd get approved, and was extremely happy to see the e-mail from Entangled Pub that told me I was! It was the right motivation to finally finish the Liberator.

I will do my very best to keep this review spoiler free cause there are loads of events and twists and casualties (it's the big battle after all) and I don't want to spoil the reading experience for anyone! You can expect spoilers for The Collector and The Liberator, so proceed with caution at your own risk!

The Warrior picks up right where the Liberator left us, with Dante and Aspen's failed mission to retrieve Charlie's soul from hell, and a very hefty price paid for it. The Liberators continue to train and try to prepare at the Hive for the final battle to come, while also bring in a old man & expert to translate the ancient scroll (given by Big Guy) to try and gather as much knowledge and intel on what's to come and how to prepare to have the upper hand against Lucille's forces (best nickname everrrr!!).

During the training we get a lot of conflicts addressed, and a lot of suspicion arise, cause the scrolls reveal that there's a traitor in their numbers. Dante fixates on a guy and fails to be right, but even though I ended up being right about one of my suspects, I was completely surprised and blindsided about the other! It's not all just training and translating, because the sirens and the Collectors continue to inflitrate the Hive in their pursue of grabbing Charlie and demoralizing the good guys.

Dante keeps on getting very restless, he feel tremendously guilty and blames himself for everything that goes wrong. And he becomes even more obnoxious the guiltier he feels, thankfully he is still on the road of accepting he is a Liberator and that he's no longer a demon, but it's a very slow road with loads of bumps! His humour is as awesome as always, though sometimes you just feel like smacking him a bit! His devotion for Charlie is fantastic, but so is his very guy attitude about her physically, which always feel very genuine.

Charlie, well... she's her adorable self, seeing the good in everyone and trying to help Dante see it in himself. She has to deal with some issues in this book and we get to see a very kick arse side of her that I really appreciated. Expect a few shocks and surprises when it comes to Charlie!

That is actually one thing you cannot fault this book for, there are plenty of surprises and shocks and twists and action, even with some lulls here and there. Reading this book was quite a mess of emotions, action and a few face palms here and there. I loved having the epilogue to tie everything together and see a peek of how the future would be.

A ver strong ending for a very different kind of trilogy. Even if Dante still annoyed me on occasion, I very much enjoyed this one, so well deserved 4 stars.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this and the series as a whole. I'm sure I'll get around to reading the last two at some point. Great review Pili!

    1. I hope you'll enjoy them, Kristen! Thank you!

  2. I remember Dante annoyed me a little in the first book, but I still found him pretty entertaining overall, despite that. I'm glad to hear that the trilogy wraps up well! I've yet to read the second book, but it sounds like I have a lot to look forward to. Lovely review, Pili. :)

    1. Thank you, Sam! Dante has that feeling to him, being entertaining and annoying at the same time!

  3. Glad to see a higher rating from you on this one Pili after I know The Liberator wasn't quite as strong! I love a book with lots of twists and turns, so that fact has me excited even if I'm a little nervous that Dante will annoy me at times as well. Seems like the series is definitely worth the read overall though!!! Lovely review:)

    1. Dante is equally annoying and entertaining! Hope you'll enjoy this one, Jenny!
      Thank you!

  4. A strong ending indeed! I'm so glad that you liked this one overall, Pili! This series was so fun and humorous, and I'm glad that Scott didn't kill the series with a bittersweet ending or something like that.

    Fabulous review!! :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Yep, this was a very cool ending! Thanks Alyssa!


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