Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Reads: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa!!

Hi there everyone! I'm gonna be starting this week's Friday Reads with the final book of the Iron Fey series, one that I'm glad that even if unplanned originally, Julie Kagawa decided to write! As the rest of the series it is part of my 2014 Series Challenge!

The Iron Knight (Iron Fey, #4)The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After the terribly cruel and heartwrenching ending of The Iron Queen I jumped straight away to reading this one. I already knew how everything had to end, having read the spin-off series that take place a few years after these books, so I cannot imagine how awful the wait between books must have been!

As usual, expect spoilers for the previous books, but I will try my best to not spoil anything, which might make this review a little bit vague on occasion.

Meghan is now the Iron Queen and is working to make sure it doesn't destroy the rest of the Nevernever, but since it's still toxic for the rest of the Fey, she made the toughest decision ever, and sent Ash away from her. But Ash won't give up on Meghan without a fight, so he goes on a quest to find a way to be with Meghan on the Iron Realm with Puck, his best frenemie. There's a lot of history between this two, even before Meghan and the love triangle thing happend (and then got resolved) and we learn a lot more about it in this book. Along with Grimalkin to guide them, they start a quest to get Ash a human body and soul.

The journey starts with quite a twist very early on, one that left Ash, Puck and even myself reeling! I understand that it was necessary to a point to finally clear the air between Ash & Puck and to give Ash some proper closure, but boy was that upsetting!

They travel through the most dangerous parts of the Nevernever, the Wyldwood and the Deep Wyld, and the journey is one hell of a difficult one and once they reach their destination, it only gets even harder!

As with all these books, the world building was fantastic and very creepy, the pacing of the plot was great and the character development was spot on, this book was Ash's book and it showed cause it made me root for him in a way I hadn't even done before! That doesn't mean that other characters, new and old, don't get their own time, like my dear Grimalkin and the very awesome Big Bad Wolf! We also get a peek of a world changing event that has a lot of relevance in the spin-off series and that also extremely creepy!

Very well deserved 4.5 stars for this one!

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  1. Awesome review Pili :D I'm happy you have mostly loved all of these books. <3 I did too. Sigh. But been a while since I read them. Hmph. But yeah. Ash! My love, hih. <3 Thank you for sharing :)

    1. I'm so very happy I read the spin-off series before this one, cause the wait in between books for these would have totally killed me! Nothing like binge-reading them!

      Thanks sweetie!

  2. ISN'T THIS SERIES JUST AMAZING. *sighs happily*


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