Friday, October 8, 2010

A birthday recap, with handmade and recipes galore!

Hello everyone! Friday is once again here, and once again I work the weekend...

That's why I wanna share a lil recap of my birthday celebrations, with some photos and recipes, to face Friday and working weekend, with yummy food and fun times!

Last Tuesday was my birthday, so I chose the lunch menu, and went with cold curry rice with apple chunks & raisins, and sweet & sour chicken brochettes! As you can see, they were both super yummy and really easy to make! The key for the brochettes was the marinade, half honey & half soy sauce.

Then, we had my bro, sis-in-law and nephews over for dinner, and we had some nice grilled cutlets and other meats. I decided to make something different for dessert, so I made Kheer, an Indian rice pudding. I really like it, but my bro wasn't too keen on it. Joel, my older nephew loved it, till he chewed one of the cardamom seeds!

On Saturday, I was doing a joint b-day celebration with my friend Emilio, so we decided that I'd make the desserts and also try my hand at making some Indian dish, to add something different to the usual dinner food!

For dessert, I decided to go for Chocolate Mud Cake, you can find the recipe here, in the lovely Rose's blog. Lovely chocolate-y goodness, that I dunno why decided to not be fully baked in the centre and collapsed, which made me improvise and turn it into a donut cake, with an extra spiced chocolate frosting layer all over it... too bad I have no pics of the finished cake, cause I made it on Friday, but had to save the disaster on Saturday before leaving for the dinner, and I was too much in a hurry to take pics! It looked quite nice, and tasted delicious!

I also made some really yummy Mojito cupcakes with this recipe, from Heaven is a Cupcake! I had to improvise a bit, since I couldn't get any peppermint flavouring, but I decided to skip the issue by using a ready-mix Mojito cocktail, instead of just white rum! ;)

These I didn't frost cause I didn't have the right way to take them with me to my friend's house where the dinner was gonna take place without the frosting arriving all wonky! They were a real hit, very chocolate-y, with a hint of mojito and really moist and fluffy! I can't wait to make them again for my friend Pilu's b-day, with frosting this time!

For the Indian dish, I turned to one of my recently purchased Indian cooking books, where I found the recipe for Seekh Kebabs, G's favourite dish, Miss Masala: Real Indian Cooking for Busy Living! It's a great book, with loads of pointers on how to deal with all the unknown spices and ways of cooking, and with really yummy recipes! She also has a blog, with more yummy recipes!

Making seekh kebabs is not too laborious a process, cause I'm not the biggest fan of cooking, but I can't wait to make more! I made the seekhs a bit more mild than the recipe asked for, for two reasons: first, I was missing the chilli powder, couldn't find it anywhere here, and online it wouldn't have arrived in time (I got it now, ready for next time); and second, none of my friends are really used to trying spicy Indian food.

They were a real success, everyone loved their different taste, so I plan to make them more often!

I got many presents for my b-day, though only the ones I got for myself were handmade, so I'm gonna show off, what I gave Emilio for his b-day:

Two canvas print of a two shots, one taken by G, and one taken by yours truly!

I really love this shot, it's still one of my favourites. I took it last year in Wisconsin, and it's the shore of its namesake river.

I packaged them, and since I didn't have a manly & big enough wrapping paper, I decided to use a pair of my Skull And CrossBuns stamps to make it look more like a present! I also decorated the custom birthday card that Deb from On Cupcake Moon made for me!

Since Emilio loves cooking, I also got him a set of grilling spices from Purpose Design. As always, they come with super cute woody tags, and with recipes and suggestions on how to use them best!

And in case you're wondering, we (I) finished the open mojito bottle, after all, you don't turn 30 every day!


  1. wow, all that food looks amazing *drools* Cool use of the stamps too :)

  2. Oh my god, the FOOD! I want it all.

  3. the food looks sooooooo gooooood! the photo you took is beautiful. and i love how you used emily's stamps. so cute!!! =)

  4. All those food photo's are making me hungry and we just ate!

    I bought the coke pig :) Couldn't resist.

  5. I'm so glad that you celebrated your birthday with so many yummy goodies! I have to confess, those pics are making me hungry!


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