Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: AngryGirl Gear!!!

Wearing Handmade Wednesday is here again!

This time, I'm not the one wearing the piece, but my friend Alberto!

Al wearing my AngryGirl Gear panda hoodie, almost bursting out of it!

My amazing Panda AngryGirlGear hoodie is one of my many AngryGirlGear pieces, I own many corsets, and recons, and I have to tell you, if you get one piece, you're hooked for good! All the pieces are so perfectly made, with such a degree of perfection, that you'd wonder if they're made by a woman and her sewing machine, or a sewing cyborg!

Do you want to win an AngryGirlGear piece of wearable art? Now you can! Cindy has a contest going on at her website to win a free piece, your choice, from her shop! Enter here: Super Easy!

Once you've entered, name me as your referral, so I can get a chance to win store credit for more AngryGirlGear awesomeness!


  1. that picture is hilarious! poor guy :D

    and as for angrygirlgear, i must agree. every time i see a picture of cindy's work, i am ALWAYS thoroughly impressed. the time and detail that goes into every piece....WOW. i think you may be right....sewing cyborg for sure :)

  2. We. Are. Borg. Resistance is futile...

    Ummm, yeah... he needs a panda hoodie in HIS size hahah... he's maxing that one out.

    Thanks for the feature :D I really appreciate it!

  3. Alberto is a very nice (and cute) friend to clothing for you! ;) Did you have to bribe him with cookies!?

    Cindy's work is lovely with a little twist of whimsy! Very nice!


  4. LOVE the ears! That hoodie really suits him :)

  5. I love her work! This picture is so funny too. I suppose it's okay that you chose not to model for this post, because I got a nice giggle out of the deal. ;-)~

  6. that hoodie! And your friend is so sweet to model it for us! :)

  7. The picture is awesome and I love the hoodie he's wearing :DD x

  8. That pic is adorable!

    Angry's clothing is pure perfection!


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