Friday, October 29, 2010

Shopping Handmade: Collisionware or the coolest housewarming gifts for Gema & Pilu!

Friday is here, and Halloween is only a pair of days away! Got your costume & candy ready?

I'm doing another of my Shopping Handmade features to show off to you all how there's always the perfect handmade choice for every occasion!

Two of my best friends have recently got their own places, and I've already blogged about part of the gifts I got for them here, but there was missing the other part.

I don't like doing things the usual way, and that also applies to how I get presents for people. I fell in love with Collisionware's handmade pot holders and oven mitts and got a pair of sets for myself, and then got the idea to get two sets custom made to match both Gema's & Pilu's new kitchens!

Angie, the brains & hands behind Collisionware, was really helpful & nice during the whole process, and helped me choosing the better way to accent the fabrics I had chosen for each set.

Since Gema's kitchen is done in green & lilac and she loves baking, I chose this super cute lime green cupcakes fabric, that was accented with a light purple fabric, so cute!

And they look great like part of the decor of the kitchen, aside from being functional!

For Pilu's set I went with a black fabric with fortune cookies, with red accents, Pilu's kitchen is mostly white & silvery so I wanted to add some colour, and like me, Pilu loves Chinese & Japanese food!

The set contrasts really nicely with the rest of the kitchen, giving it a touch of colour!

If you're thinking you need a new set to brighten up your kitchen and inspire your cooking, why not get this super cute Halloween inspired set?


  1. Love both prints! The color combos are great.

  2. the cupcakes are my favorite! those are so freaking cute! :)

  3. i adore the ones you picked! i want to get me a custom Collisionware set but i haven't found the perfect fabric yet!

  4. Those are great fabrics! LOVE the green!!

  5. adorable choices! :)

    i may have to look into this shop for some kitchen gear of my own....wonder if they've got pirates?!


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