Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Zen And Coffe Designs!

One more week, Wednesday rolls in, and with it comes Wearing Handmade Wednesday!

This week, I'm back to be the one sporting the handmade goods, but expect more "guest" presences, since I plan to show off handmade presents I've given to family and friends!

My gorgeous custom length Paris At Dusk gloves from Zen And Coffee!

I've already featured the talented Wren of Zen And Coffee Designs in a previous blog entry, but since I'm so in love with her fingerless gloves and arm warmers, and own quite a few of them, I felt she deserved a Wearing Handmade Wednesday mention too!

She has fingerless gloves for all seasons and occasions, so do check her shop and you'll be sure to fall in love with something (or various somethings more probably!).


  1. oooh, those are pretty! off to check out her shop.... :)

    i'm also loving your hat!

  2. oo pretty gloves... perfect for the Fall season coming around here =D

  3. the hat looks so cute with them! you've also made me want a lace pair now. =)

  4. Those gloves are great! Will have to check out her shop again.

  5. I soooo want a pair of her gloves! they are amazing!!

  6. Those are very pretty, and they look so comfy too! I can't wait to see what kind of handmade goodies you've given to your loved ones. You're so generous! I bet you're like me, and you don't really even need a birthday or holiday to give gifts. Sometimes it's nice to give just for the fun of it.


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