Monday, October 25, 2010

MTCoffinz, more than just tutus!!

Monday is here, once again, and we embark in the week of Halloween! I hope you all guys have loads of fun plans, I work night shift on Halloween so no plans for me, but I'd still be getting into the Halloween spirit!

This blog entry is dedicated to one of the big names in the AOTC forums & handmade community is general, and to one of the most successful crafters I know, so much that her craft has taken over her life, and as such she is known as a cyborg, part seamstress, part sewing machine! The lady in question is none other than Jinx, the brains & talent behind MTCoffinz & MTCoffinz Underground, her two Etsy shops, though she also has her own website.

Jinx is best know for being the Queen of tulle & tutu skirts, but in her shops you can find not only all sorts, sizes & colours of tutus (micro, mini, formal, tea length... you name it, she has it!) but also embroidered scarves & fingerless gloves & headbands that are embroidered right there at the MTCoffinz studio with the most awesome designs you can imagine, but also hairfalls, veils, masks... well, to really know all is there, you need to go and take a good look at both shops!

I already own a super awesome mini tutu, cause right now I have no space whatsoever in my wardrobe for a bigger tutu, but I have plans, oh yes, I do have plans... but that's all I have to say for now. Shush! ;)

Recently Jinx added a bunch of new embroidered scarves to her MTCoffinz Underground shop and when I saw the Nurse Skull Crossbones design, I just had to get it!

It's super cool, and I'm sure I'm gonna be the envy of all my co-workers once the weather gets cold enough for scarves! And the scarf itself is made of black alpine fleece, so warm & soft! I'm surely packing it for my trip to India next month!

And yes, those are a pair of Zen & Coffee gloves!

Take a lot at both shops, you're sure to find something(s) you'll love!


  1. I own 3 MTCoffinz tutus, and there are so many more awesome things I plan on adding to my collection! A nifty scarf may just be one of them! Great post on a great crafter! :D

  2. oh, i LOVE that scarf! how cute is that?! i just may have to get one for the nurse in my life!

    *wonders what other designs are available*

    *heads off to visit a shop that will probably have my wallet crying*


  3. Hi Pili!
    hehe!!1 that's so nice :D So you!
    Yeah the weather has turned very cold. You look so cute ;)

  4. Oh.My.GOSH. That is too fun!! I absolutely love it! It is so perfect for you!!

  5. Pili, I simply cannot believe the awesomeness of your nurse scarf!!! I love it!

  6. that pink skulls tutu better be in our narnia wardrobe! ;) and the nurse skull scarf?! how utterly perfect is that for you!!!! =)


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