Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Can, Toucan! Mr Pond the Felt Me Up Designs Toucan!

You already know Mr Bempton, my beloved Puffin bird from the Felt Me Up Designs Etsy shop, The Felt Menagerie!

After getting him, I knew I needed to get him a friend, and thought that I'd ask for a custom toucan made at some point! Cause I've always thought toucans were super cute!

Well, low and behold, it happened that before I even thought of asking her to make me a custom toucan, she already got into making them! So, when she listed the first toucan, I just snatched it!

While I was waiting for my lovely felt toucan to arrive, I had to decide on a name for him, and while I was thinking, I looked at the title of the listing, where it said "Who can, You can, Toucan" and it just made me think of Doctor Who (probably cause I'm still thinking of the two part season finale) and Amy Pond's wedding, and I knew I was going to call my new felt friend, Mr Pond, just like Rory!

Mr Pond arrived this past Monday, and even before opening the box, I just HAD to take a pic of the package! It was so cute! Toucan Mail! And once I opened the package, not only I got my toucan, but also a super cute postcard and business card magnet!

As always, I'm flabbergasted at the amazing amount of detail that goes into this needle felt handmade birds! They simply are perfect! I just start taking pictures of them and can't seem to stop!

It's a good thing Mr Pond, though slightly self-conscious about his beak, being very silly about it, since it's probably his best feature along with his eyes, is a very patient model, and is adapting pretty well to his new home!

I also was slightly concerned about how would Mr Bempton and Mr Pond get along, but I needed not be concerned, cause even though if at first they were a bit wary of each other, probably a bit shy at first, but then they seem to have become pretty much best buddies!

Now I have a pair of very happy birds at home!


  1. Ooohhh, they are adorable. I love the name too!

  2. i love the last picture of them! so adorable, lady! and you have great taste in birds. =)

  3. So cute, adorable!! ♥ It's great that Mr Bempton got a friend :)

  4. Look at those cuties getting along so well!

  5. They're so adorable! I'm glad they found each other. :) Nono is pestering me to get him a friend now.


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