Friday, August 13, 2010

El Trastero de Lolita!!

After a rush of endorphins and happiness high, I'm back on track onto the blogging. I've decided I'm gonna use the day before G arrives to schedule a few new blog entries for next week, and one of those will be the introduction of a new regular, weekly feature! But, you'll see next week, for now back onto today's entry!

I met Africa, the owner & artist behind El Trastero de Lolita via the amazing forum for crafters & lovers of all things handmade, Attack of the Craft, and once I checked her shop, I was in love! She has all sort of super cute accessories, necklaces, hairbands, brooches...

Once she released her Wonderland Obsession collection, I knew I had to get me those amazing Teapot necklaces! And since I couldn't decide whether to get the white teapot or the black teapot... I got both!

The best thing of Africa being a Spanish crafter, aside from the cool side of supporting local handmade, it's no doubt, the super fast shipping times!

The white teapot has a silver chain, whereas the black teapot has a bronze chain, both are made of shrink plastic, that is very light but also tough, it's not gonna break easily (unless a car runs over it or something of a certain force smashes it).

I have to say I just can't pick a favourite, having both black & white means that a tea lover and Alice fan like myself can wear one with any outfit!

I have my eye on her flower headbands next...


  1. The teapot necklaces are so awesome, cute idea!

    And those flower headbands look amazing too! :D x

  2. Ohhhh those are too cute! I'm loving the mustache necklaces in her shop.

  3. i have been coveting your teapot necklaces since i saw them in your photo album. i am so happy you blogged about them because i'll definitely be purchasing from her soon!!! =)

  4. OH, MY. GOD. I want one!

    *puts it on the payday list*

  5. Love, love! Those teapot necklaces are awesome, want one for myself!

  6. Guapiii!! Que no había visto que me habías dedicado una entrada!!! Es que estoy un poco off, pronto volveré a las andadas con cositas nuevas, jijiji. Muchas gracias guapetona!!! Muack!!


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