Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've already told you about the awesomeness that fills to the brim Andreanna's shop, Glamasaurus, since I won a gift certificate to her shop, but this time, I just have to share the new goodies that I got from her shop!

When I first saw the Skeletina Antique Ring & Bobby pins, I fell in love with them, but I was a bit slow on the actually deciding to grab then, so someone else got them, and I was left waiting for Andreanna to get more supplies to relist them! She was really nice and tipped me on facebook on when was gonna list them, and after the wait, I was pretty sure I wanted them, so I snatched them as soon as they were back on her Etsy shop!

Getting a Glamasaurus package in the mail is always awesome, cause it's so nicely presented that you feel like you're getting a proper gift!

This time the postal workers were a lil less careful, and my package was a lil crumpled, but since everything inside is super well protected, everything arrived in perfect condition!!

A super cute detail, along with her business cards (I like getting extra business cards, so I can give them away to people when asked about my stuff) was a scratch card! I love that idea! You give your clients discounts and something a lil special in a fun way!

I also got a few lil extras, super cute bobby pins, that I'll be gifting to G's nieces in the US, I'm sure they'll look super cute on them!

And now onto my amazing Skeletina items!

The gorgeous ring: it's quite light, which I like, and it's the right size to be noticeable, without being a "conversation piece" (translation = HUGE). And it's a sturdy & durable! I really love it, and I've never been much of a ring person, this one is actually the second ring I own! And I plan to wear it only on special occasions.

The best part, it's adjustable, so I can wear it in all fingers, except the pinky!

The bobby pins: Again, they're light but sturdy and durable, and they're perfect to adding some style to my now shorter hair, and they don't fall off the hair easily either.

As I've already said, I'm quite the happy puppy with my Glamasaurus order!


  1. i covet your skeletina ring! i think i must put one on the "need to get" list, among a few other adorable glamasaurus things!

  2. Gorgeous purchases, Pili :D I love the scratch card idea, too!

  3. Those are awesome! Your pictures are always so great!


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