Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ink Me Up Designs!!

Ink Me Up Designs is the sister shop of Felt Me Up Designs, and as such is the brain (and hands) child of Melanie, the talented lady that made Mr Bempton & Mr Pond!

Ink Me Up is filled with all sorts of prints in both paper & cloth of Melanie's original art & illustrations. All her pieces are first hand drawn and then made into Gocco prints!

She has all sort of animals, mostly birds, with occasional mammal thrown in between! And she has all sort of goodies printed, from regular mini prints, to bigger prints done in recycled pages of books, from lavender bags to totes, small & medium sized notebooks... all sort of cute things

I had been looking around her trying to decide what bird design I liked best, and what would I get when she wrote a blog post about her newest design, a superbly cute kitty, and I fell in love! No more trying to decide what bird to choose, I had to get me the kitty!

No wonder I was drawn to this lovely illustration, since I'm a huge lover of cats, though quite allergic... I'm a sneezing machine when I'm in the same room with one... Which is quite ironic given that cats are very social with me, and the bf says I have very many feline traits...

I ended up going for the Gocco printed moleskin notebook! The kitty looks absolutely lovely in it, and a small notebook is a good idea to take with you, in case you decide to finally start writing down ideas that pop into your mind! That and for to do lists, and info on places you wanna visit...

Well, my package arrived, and it not only contained my lovely notebook, but also a kitty mini print and two Mini-Moo cards!

The detail in the kitty is fantastic, both in the notebook and in the print, to make the notebook even cuter, it comes with a pink ribbon!

They're so cute I'm even tempted to name the kitties! Yes, I am aware I am completely off my rocker... but at least I'm not dangerous, yet. ;)

The Mini-Moo cards are just adorable! I absolutely love the concept of the Mini-Moo cards, and I have to confess everything Moo, I'm thinking of ordering more of their postcards soon! And if I ever get business cards... I'll get Mini-Moo cards! Mel sent me one of her Wren prints Mini-Moo Ink Me Up cards, and a Tufted Titmouse Mini-Moo Felt Me Up cards. So cute!

Next, I plan to get me a Smelly Cat!


  1. aw thanks for a lovely blog... really glad you like the kitties, I have to admit they are my current favorites too... but I always love the last thing I worked on best!


  2. Hi Pili!
    You know I LOVE cats! The notebooks is super cute. It's always handy to have a little one like it in your bag and if the cover is a little kitty, it's even better :D

  3. ohhhhh, i love your new kitty book! it's so adorable!!!!!


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