Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some Photographs for the weekend.

Last Sunday I went to my parents' cottage again, to celebrate my sis-in-law and my youngest nephew birthdays, instead of the usual BBQ, we had a superb paella and I gave them both their presents, all of my sis-in-law where handmade and Etsy bought! ;)

I also took the chance to take a few photographs and play around with Cinnamon in the open with the other doggies! And I always take loads of pictures whenever I'm there, it is not only my favourite place to relax, it is also a place that inspires me to take photographs, always!

A really nice amphora my mum bought during her vacation!

Miss Cinnamon looking gorgeous with her Fabulously Fierce Pets collar!

Mr Pond enjoying his first excursion to the cottage! Cinnamon was not too civil to him, though, she tried to eat him!

And a pair of delicious-looking plums from my parents' fruit trees!


  1. Cinnamon's legs are so long! Its so crazy how big she is now, I remember when you first took pics of her as teeny puppy.

  2. your photos are always so beautiful and interesting! keep doing posts like these!!! =)

  3. Wonderful photo's! Cinnamon looks so comfy in the shade - would love to join her :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! Keep doing photography posts!! :D x


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