Monday, August 9, 2010

Lucky Again!: Winning Static White's Giveaway!

If there's something I have to concede, it's that I'm pretty lucky when it comes to giveaways! I've won quite a few of them!

The latest one was from the amazing Maya, the artist behind Static White Stitchery! She set up a giveaway on her blog to win a choice of either the Evil Flying Monkey or the Love Monkey ornament, and a goodie bag from Etsy Dark Side Team's sellers! And from all the entries, I was lucky enough to win it!

I chose an Evil Flying Monkey (quite fitting for my lil witchy self!) and within a week, a lovely package filled to the brim with all sort of goodies AND the super cute Flying Monkey ornament arrived!

As you can see, not only I got the Flying Monkey ornament, but also a big amount of goodies from members of the Etsy Dark Side Street Team! All sort of spooky & awesome bits & bobs!

Super cute Bat confeti

A super cute lil spider

And the Flying Monkey is pretty awesome in itself! I absolutely love it! It's so well made and look so evilly cute! I'm wondering now where to place it... maybe in the car? Or maybe in my room? Hmmm, choices, choices!

Now I know I really more of Maya's felt ornaments, probably a Maneki Neko kittie or/and a Blue Bird of Kookiness!


  1. ADORABLE! I'm in love with the bat confetti and the little spider, and the flying monkey is just precious. Congrats to you, lucky girl!

  2. that lil spider made me smile! ;)

  3. Woohoo! It's so much fun winning give aways :)

  4. Congrats! SW and I are on the Etsy Dark Team together! Isn't her stuff great? I love her little stuffies. :)


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