Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Reads: Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder!!

Hello guys!

I'm starting this week's Friday Reads with another wonderful MG & YA classic from the Midnight Garden's challenge and readalong!

This year I joined late, because I think I only started reading in June or July, but I do hope they will do the Classic MG &YA readalong challenge next year again, because I'm loving discovering some lovely books that I never read when I was younger!

Farmer Boy (Little House, #3)Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is both a very sweet book and a lesson of history on the everyday work that pioneers in America did. And of course it's full of the most amazing descriptions of food ever!

I had never read any of the Little House On The Prairie books before but now after reading Farmer Boy, I feel like I really need to read them all! The writing is lovely, apt for both younger and older readers and the descriptions of the family life and the characters are absolutely charming!

Almanzo lives with his family in a farm and he's a little boy that is about to turn 9, and doesn't like much going to school. He prefers staying home and helping with the chores, wants to grow up and have his own colt to tame.

Reading this book kept making me hungry with all the wonderful descriptions of food, pancakes, pies, marmalades, jams, and anything and everything, and alternatively made feel like I wouldn't last a day working in a farm like the Wilder's, because chores start at 5 am and there was so much hard work! Still, it was done with some love, dedication and pride in their job, and Almanzo was so willing to prove his worth that it was never made feel like grueling and terrible work.

I was expecting the books to be a bit more preachy for some reason, but they never felt so. The kids misbehaved on occasion and they were never perfect and they simply sounded so genuine when they were a lil naughty and then repented. The time when they were left alone in the house and used up all the sugar making ice cream and almost ruined the parlor's wallpaper is the best example!

With plenty of details about genuine frontier living for the pioneers and a lot of love for that way of living in the way it's written this was a great book for me to read as an adult, and one that I'd recommend for kids nowadays to read for sure. Just a word of warning, you'll want to eat everything mentioned in the book for sure!

Well deserved 4 stars for this lil gem!

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  1. The Wilder books seem to be a popular read aloud series for fourth grade teachers here in the US because I was introduced to these books this way, and so was my sister, my son, and one of my nephews. My sister and I both went on the finish most of the series. My son and I read a couple more of the books that his teacher didn't get to, together, at home, and he read this book, Farmer Boy on his own. I think this story inparticular was of more interest to most boys that age. I am happy you liked it. :)

    1. I hadn't read these before, probably because they're not as popular here and also because I wasn't a big fan of the show based on the books. But after reading this one and enjoying it a lot, I feel like I want to read more books!

  2. Aw, yay for reading old classics :D This one looks pretty cute. Not for me, but I do adore MG books. <3 I just need more fantasy, hiih (A) But I'm glad you enjoyed this one Pili :D Thank you for sharing about it. <3

    1. It was such a cute read, Carina! You ought to give this one a chance one day sweetie!

  3. Dude I read so many Wilder books when I was younger! I don't remember most of them because it was at a really young age, but I remember the type of books she wrote. I enjoyed them! I'm glad you thought this one was sweet and you enjoyed it! Fabulous review, Pili :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Maybe you ought to re-read some of them at some point, Alyssa! We could even do a buddy read! ;)
      Thank youuuu!!


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