Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: The Biting Gnome's Burn Busters!

Hey there everyone! Today's my last day off till after Xmas, so I'm gonna relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee (I still haven't decided). So for today's Wearing Handmade Wednesday, I want to show you something coffee related.

 My new Biting Gnome Burn Burster! I love this fabric!

Ain't it super cute? And it dresses up nicely my On Cupcake Moon mug!

I've featured Karyl's shop before in the blog, with her hand stamped cards, and with various other goodies. She makes Burn Busters, Beasties, Baubles, Bags, Bed Bugs... all sort of crafty handmade awesomeness! I have to say, I'm totally in love with her Burn Busters, and I have like 3, counting this last one (wait, 4 then, cause I just got a Skelanimals one, and one to give to my nephew's girlfriend). And I got one also made for my dear twin Deb from On Cupcake Moon. These Burn Busters are good for the mugs you have home, but they're ideal for your coffee-on-the-go cups, so if you're a Starbucks (or any other coffee shop) addict, you need one of these, so check out Karyl's Artfire shop!


  1. thank you sweet thing, for the feature! :) smooches!!!

  2. That fabric is adorable! Super cute Burn Buster!

  3. Very nice design. I like the fabric! Wish you a wonderful Christmas and new year Pili!

  4. burn busters are such a wonderful idea! you know i have several, but now the adorable coffee print one from you is at the top of my stash. it makes me happy to use it because it's from you and was made by karyl! =)


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