Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Song: All I Want For Christmas!

Hello everyone!

As you might all have guessed, I'm not a huge Christmas person, with being an atheist and all, but I do enjoy an excuse to make nice special food and share with the family, and an excuse to get nice stuff for the ones I love and to get some nice presents myself too, and if I wasn't a nurse (which means I work ANY day of the year) I'd love the days off! Yes, I still get days off, but this year I work the 24th 3 to 10 pm, the 25th night shift, and the 31st and 1st 3 to 10 pm, sooo, yeah. ;)

Well, I just wanted to share with you all the only Xmas song that I really love, "All I Want For Christmas", and in its version sang in my only Xmas movie, Love Actually!


  1. such a wonderful pick for your saturday song!!!! =D

  2. Oh Pili, you brought a huge smile to my face with this one! I've been listening to so much Christmas music lately, we are having jolly times around here. Thanks for the cute video!


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