Thursday, December 8, 2011

Traveling Thursday: Madrid, Spain!!

Hello everyone! Happy Travelling Thursday!

Today my long weekend starts, and I wanted to share some photos of Madrid. You wouldn't consider Madrid a real trip for me, since it's only like 25 kms from my house, but since Sumit, my bro-in-law to be (being the husband of one of G's sister) was in Spain (Barcelona) and dropped by for a visit on Monday so I could show him around and we could catch up.

Me & Sumit with the Puerta de Madrid

At Madrid's main square, Puerta del Sol with Sumit

Madrid's Town Hall in Puerta del Sol

Walking down Gran Vía

The Metropolis building

The building of the Instituto Cervantes

And a partial view of the Puerta de Alcalá


  1. Madrid looks beautiful, I need to come visit you there :)

  2. gorgeous! Madrid is definitely on my list for places I must go to!

  3. What a beautiful city. I would love to go to Madrid (and it's so close from me to travel).
    The weather is gorgeous there!!! We had one of the windiest day today. super cold!

  4. Thanks for showing me around Maria. It was great fun to meet you and explore Madrid. And I loved it's great architecture.

  5. so gorgeous! i really need to come visit you!!! maybe we can catch an F1 race too? ;)

  6. I'd love to have you all over for a visit! Kyoko, it was sunny, but very cold till around 2 pm, then it warmed up!

    And twin, it'd be sooooo cool! The next F1 race over here is in May! ;)

    And Sumit, it was great being able to show you Madrid! Thank you for coming!

  7. that must be so awesome to live so close to amazing places! Definitely need to come visit one day :)

  8. What can I say about my home town? Wonderful pictures, Pili!


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