Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday Song: Merry Christmas by Apocalyptica!!

Hello everyone! Today just a short entry to wish everyone, friends, family and sporadic and regular readers a very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Since it's Saturday and Christmas' Eve, I wanted to leave you with some Christmas music for Saturday Song, but not the usual kind, since I'm not very much into the usual kind... You also owe the two songs here to my dear twin Deb, from On Cupcake Moon, since she shared the discovery of the Christmas music played by Apocalyptica (metal music played with cellos!).

So while I bake some savoury jamón serrano and parmesan cupcakes for work, I leave you with Apocalyptica playing Little Drummerboy and Oh Holy Night.

I will be listening to these two, Dream Theater's version of Oh Holy Night, Wham's Last Christmas and All I Want For Christmas (Love, Actually movie version, of course!) on repeat today! ;)


  1. Everyone else is asleep here so I'll have to check out Apocalypta later. I love cellos, so I should love them!

    Happy Holidays Pili! Hope yours is awesome. :D

  2. Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas Pilipie!!

  3. I love this twist on Christmas music -- thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas! ;)

  4. A day late, but hoping a fantastic Christmas was had by you and yours!! ♥

    Loving the cellos, by the way :)

  5. headbanging at its finest!!! ever since you introduced me to Apocalyptica i cannot get enough. thank you, twin! =)


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