Monday, January 31, 2011

Shopping Handmade for my photography gear: Warning Label tripod bag!

Hello everyone!

Monday is here, and though it is not the beginning of a work week for me, cause I've worked this weekend, it has been a very lazy and not particularly motivating day for me, even if I got some nice packages in the mail.

After some pondering over a cup of coffee I realized I should work on showing off how to keep buying handmade when it comes to photography gear! And no, I'm not talking about cameras or lenses made out of cardboard!

You all know already I'm always gonna try to look for a handmade alternative, and after getting my tripod, I started a search for a tripod bag on Etsy, and I have to say, it's sad to see how very little artisans & crafters have photography related gear and accessories, and how most of the camera bags are all the same basic style, and even if fabric wise can be female photographer oriented, none of them are different from your usual messenger-style-camera-bag. Of course, I got my own different kind bag with my Rocky Van Gory camera bag.

That got me thinking, and the obvious solution presented itself: why not ask Jamie? Jamie is the brains & hands behind Warning Label Accessories, and she's always ready for a challenge! She's made me custom bags, custom strap covers, and all sort of things, and this time she didn't disappoint me, and was all willing to take on the challenge!

We went for a drawstring closing bag, with an adjustable strap, that can be worn across messenger style to take it around with me more comfortably, and of course, I chose a fabric that would make it sure I wouldn't miss it anywhere, pink with skulls! ;)

Here you can see my amazing tripod bag! Isn't it awesome?

Even the bf was considering getting one made for himself! ;)


  1. Very cute idea, and quite practical- My reason for not needing one is I simply don't take my tripod anywhere. it stays in my work room on the table where I take pictures.

    But if I took it out with me a lot, it would certainly be hand to have such a carrier! :)

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my bag Pili! *smooch*

  3. Sweet! I should really get one for my tripod too. I always keep mine completely exposed and it got damaged :(
    I must say that it's a really cute bag for your tripod! Love it ;)

  4. That is so useful! I just snatched a tripod from my dad so I may need to get one of these! :)

  5. jamie is the bestest. i love her and her wares TONS!!!!


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