Monday, January 3, 2011

Shopping Handmade: Gaurav's Birthday!!

Hello everyone!

2011 has been around for quite a bit, and it's the first Monday of the year! Instead of a recipe, I wanted to show off something that I got for the bf's birthday!

Aside from his EyeScream scarf and a RIPT Apparel SW tee, I asked the very talented Sheika of OMGCow aka Sheikasaurus Rex for a custom oil painting of the both of us together! Sheika is a fantastic artist, that painted our portrait without us ever posing for her, just out of photos, and on top of her uni workload and with an injured arm! She did a brilliant job, and we are painted as seen in a camera visor, which reflects our love for photography!

If you want to check more of Sheika's art you can check her semi-daily autobiographic comic OMGCow, and also check her Etsy shop and sign up for her newsletter! (you can get awesome free e-comics!).

You can see us two posing with our ink & canvas doppelgangers! Gaurav loved the super cute idea, we're both quite cheesy, so getting this was the perfect present! We've already decided we'll get another done, but we'll pose for it, maybe for when we get married?


  1. Awww how sweet! Mikey painted a picture for me a couple of years ago from a photo of us in green and brown which was te colour of my bedroom at the time. I dont have it up anymore but will keep it forever :)
    Happy new year to you!


  2. Happy birthday to Gaurav! What a fabulous gift idea, I love it!

    Hee, hee - check out my blog, you inspired one of my new creations, Pili!

  3. You two are just the cutest!
    What a great gift.

  4. Such a cute picture of you two :D x

  5. HOLY COW! That is awesome and the best gift ever!!

  6. I've only just seen this... what a fab pressie! Sheika is very talented :-D

  7. Oh! What a lovely gift! Happy belated birthday to Gaurav! I´m sure he was thrilled with his wonderful present.


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