Monday, January 10, 2011

Shopping Handmade: Esther's Birthday & Holiday Decorations!

Monday is here, and with it, back to work for me!

Today, I wanted to show off a wonderful custom doll that the very talented Ana from Camamiel created for my friend Esther!

I've shown off Camamiel's amazing dolls before, cause I own three of her lovely nurse dolls, Escarlatina, Cholera & Influenza! And I knew my friends from uni (and fellow nurses) would love them as much as I do, so I got the idea of getting one nurse doll custom made for my friend Esther's birthday gift!

Since Esther practices martial arts and loves everything Japanese, I asked Ana to make a mix of a samurai/ninja nurse, and she created the cute and dangerous Bambú! A really nice nurse, wearing a kimono and all ready to fight her way through in dangerous places to attend her patients!

After my return from my trip to India, and Esther's trip to Japan, we had our yearly meet up of DUE-PAC's (our group's nickname since Uni!) since Náyade had come from Italy for the Holidays as usual. We met up at Pilu's house for Japanese food, tiramisu and tea! Esther loved Bambú, as I knew she would! And so did Náyade and Pilu! You don't get many cute nurse dolls, and even less Samurai nurses!

Bambú and the Kokeshi doll that Esther brought for me from Japan became instant friends!

And, I also wanted to show off the amazing Holiday ornaments I got from Camamiel's shop! I got a pair of her Pixielves that are still hanging around the house (I'll have to eventually take them down) and also she sent me a totally adorable Gingerbread Nurse ornament!

As you can see, Ana has something cute for everyone in her shop, and I'm already plotting the next custom nurse doll for Náyade's b-day! ;)


  1. What fun! I heart the samurai nurse -- adorable! You're such a good gift shopper, Pili!

  2. as someone who stalks camamiel's shop, esther is one lucky lady! she is precious and i love that you and ana custom designed it for her!!! =)

  3. Pili, thank you very much for this wonderful post. I loved to see the beautiful photos. I´m so glad that Esther loved Bambú. Yay!

  4. Hey Pili!
    Hehe, they are so cute :D I think these dolls make such a great gift. I never thought of it!
    How sweet that your friend got you a Kokeshi doll. I used to have one at home too (mine had an orange kimono) ;)
    Happy new year to you and may the year 2011 bring you lots of happiness and good health!

  5. How cute those nurse dolls are! I would like one to put in my car :)


  6. Oh my gosh!
    Those nurse dolls ARE TOO CUTE and Clever!!!!
    Adore the custom one you had made...too cool!


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