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Mark This Book Monday: The Return by Jennifer L Armentrout!!

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Happy Monday guys! This week I'm quite excited because I'm finally seeing my apartment for the first time! And to start the week right I'm having the first entry for this week's Mark This Book Monday!

This first book is counted towards two of my challenges, its the very first book counted towards my 2015 Mythology Reading Challenge (finally!!) and also counted towards my 2015 Releases category in the 105 Challenge!

The Return (Titan, #1)The Return by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Covenant series was my first forey into the JLA books and given that they deal with Greek mythology and have great humour, amazing chemistry and romance and plenty of action and political intrigue!

Alex was a great main character and I was a Team Aiden through and through, so when I heard that we were getting a spin-off with Seth as a main character, I was both very excited to go back to the Covenant world and a bit wary wondering about what Seth we'll get to see.

We meet Seth still on a bit of a self-hate spiral, focusing only on doing what the Gods tell him and seem to revel on the bloodbath. Then he gets a different mission from our favourite and most irritating god, Apollo. He needs to protect a human and bring them to safety. And that becomes the biggest challenge he could have ever imagined!

I wasn't Seth's biggest fan on Covenant but I really become to appreciate him now that we get to see his POV. How broken he is after all his actions and how he feels like he deserves whatever torture comes his way and he fights and kills to ignore the pain. And his journey is quite an unexpected one!

We meet Josie in college, where she is trying to keep up with her school work while dealing with the news of her mother's relapse into her mental health issues, and then she's thrown head first into a world she never knew about, fighting for her life and getting her head to wrap around the fact that she really isn't going nuts and her mum really was not crazy.

Seth is not the only character we meet again, because of course Apollo is back, and I must confess I have a big soft post for him! Every interaction between Seth and Apollo ends up being hilarious one way or another, and Apollo always manages to make me smile/snort/giggle. We also meet Deacon and Luke again, and I'm so happy that they're there for both Seth and Josie, even if they might have not been Seth's biggest fans at some point.

Josie is such a trooper! She understandably freaks about her new life and does a few stupid things here and there, but nothing difficult to understand while she's still wrapping her head around about her new situation, and I love how she wants to take some control back into her own hands, and she decides to train and learn how to fit.

The interactions between Seth and Josie have a fantastic back and forth and amazing banter and oh boy, the chemistry those two have... scorching!! JLA knows how to write romp scenes for sure because oh boy!! *fans self*

This was a fantastic first book for the new series, and I'm quite looking forward to see what will come next, and hoping we'll meet a few more old friends along the way. Very well deserved 4 stars for this one!

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  1. Great review Pili :D So happy you loved this book. <3 And yay for seeing your apartment for the first time :D Hope it is perfect for you. <3 I haven't read any books by Jennifer yet :p but ONE DAY ;) Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3

    1. Thank you so much sweetie!! I'm so so so excited to see my apartment finally! =D
      And I hope you'll read something by JLA because she writes amazing humour and boys!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! This series and the Covenant series are the only ones by JLA that I have not read (I probably won't, to be honest). And it's funny how I was Team Aiden throughout the Covenant series publication, and I wasn't even reading the books! lol

    Anyway. Excellent review, Pili! Hope you're doing well :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Hehehehehe, well, Aiden is all sort of awesome and swoon-worthy!! ;)
      Thank you sweetie! I do hope that the week is not being so awfully busy as the last one!

  3. I have heard so much about all of JLA's books but haven't read one yet! I am intending to read Obsidian by the end of the month, so hopefully it will be as good as all her other books seem to be.

    1. I hope you will enjoy Obsidian, the humour is very much Armentrout trademark!
      Thank you, Olivia!


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