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Xpresso Book Tours Blog Tour for Witch Fall by Amber Argyle!

 Hey there everyone! Today I'm taking part in the Blog Tour for Witch Fall by Amber Argyle , organized by Xpresso Book Tours!

I will be sharing by review & a Blog Tour wide giveaway, so click HERE for the full tour schedule! But before that, let's get you some more information about the book & author, shall we?

 Witch Fall by Amber Argyle
(Witch Song #3 (Prequel))
Publication date: October 24th 2013
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

All things fall.

Even Witches.

Supreme in their dominion over seasons, storms, and sea, the Witches have forgotten the unmatched destructiveness of mankind. And among the weapons men seek are the magical songs of the Witches.

Lilette is one of the few who see the decadence and decay weakening the Witches. As an outsider amid her own kind, can she help them survive the coming war?


Since Witch Fall is book 3 but also a prequel, you might want to check out book 1, Witch Song, that is FREE on Amazon to celebrate Witch Fall's release!

 About the author:

Amber Argyle is the author of Witch Song and Fairy Queen trilogies. She grew up with three brothers on a cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains. She spent hours riding horses, roaming the mountains, and playing in her family’s creepy barn. This environment fueled her imagination for writing high fantasy. She has worked as a short order cook, janitor, and staff member in a mental institution. All of which has given her great insight into the human condition and has made for some unique characters. She received her bachelor’s degree in English and Physical Education from Utah State University. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and three small children.

 My Review

I'm not usually a big fan of witches books, they usually end up full of a few too many cliches. But after loving Amber Argyle's Winter Queen, I knew I needed to give a chance to her Witch Song series.

Witch Fall is the third book but it's actually a prequel, so reading it before Witch Song and Witch Born makes sense chronologically, though it might have spoiled me a bit for Brusenna's journey, since I already know a history she might have to learn from scratch through the books.

Lilette's story is not an easy one to read, not because it is not beautifully told or because it's boring. It is cause it's full of too many losses and a neverending fight to do what's right. She might just be the most powerful witch that ever was and the quest for that power is what starts a chain of events that lead to a lot of destruction and death. Witches have the power of creation and life, and they can control the elements with their signing, and despite their best intentions such a power can be corrupted.

This book has a bit of everything, from the intimate of the wonderful relationships between the different characters, to the grand scheme of things full of power plays, politics and a fantastic world building. There's friendship, romance, betrayal, epic battles and emotional scences.

Lilette was a wonderful main character, a survivor despite all odds, always trying to find a way out of bad situations, never surrendering herself to fate, and always fighting to do what's write. Even when I didn't fully agree with her choices I still liked her strenght and her determination. A strong female character that I loved rooting for!

If you love stories about witches, you really need to read this series, and if you aren't so sure about them, give this one a try, it might make a convert out of you!

Very well deserved 4 stars!

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  1. It sounds like this one packs quite the punch. I like that it seems to be much more than your regular paranormal story, with twists and turns and even some great relationships. I have been thinking lately that I need to read some more witch stories so this may be finding its way onto my TBR. Thanks for sharing, Pili!

    1. Yeah, I had a few reservations for this one, but once the story really got going I couldn't stop reading! Now I must read the other two books!
      Thank you, Jenni!

  2. Thanks for the review, Pili! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your readers might like to know that the first book in the series is free:

    1. Aye! I got it along with Witch Born myself!

  3. This sounds like such an entertaining read and it sounds like it has a lot going for it! I really enjoy witch books and the lore in this one sounds really intriguing. I also like how all the characters seem to have a good dynamic between them and Lilette seems like someone I would enjoy as an MC! So happy you liked it, chickie! <3

    1. Yep, it was such an intriguing world! I can't wait to read more in this world!

  4. Great review! I've never even heard of this, but I love the cover :)
    -Scott Reads It!

    1. The cover is great, hope you'll give it a chance! Even more since book 1 is free on amazon now, Jon!


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