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Mark This Book Monday: ARC Review of Infinite by Jodi Meadows!!!

To start this week's Mark This Book Monday, I have the first final book for a trilogy that I love of the year. There are quite a few trilogies ending this year, so it's all gonna be quite bittersweet, saying goodbye to characters I love but finally getting all the answers and knowing what happens!

I won an ARC of Infinite on a giveaway on the author's blog and got it the day after Xmas, read it in a day, but waited closer to release date to post my review on the blog.

Infinite (Newsoul, #3)Infinite by Jodi Meadows

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so tremendously lucky to win a signed copy of Infinite via Jodi's blog, and I have to thank the rafflecopter gods for picking my name!

That said, none of that has had any influence on my opinion of this book, giving it 5 stars and thinking it is the best possible ending for this trilogy is all due to what's inside the pages!

Since it's the last book of the trilogy I'm to try my best to refrain from talking about everything I'd love to talk about to avoid spoilers as much as I can but there will be spoilers for Incarnate and Asunder.

Infinite starts quite right Asunder left us, and from the very first pages there's danger at fear at every turn. Ana & Sam wake up to a massive earthquake for the start of the Year of Souls and the risk of the caldera of Range exploding is not the only danger they have to suffer before even leaving Heart for Ana's exile.

Loyalties are tested, Ana has an extremely tough journey to go on, one with her friends trying to find a way to make sure Janan doesn't ascend and an inner journey of growth and discovery that she has to do on her own.

Ana is the one leading her friends and trying to make plans for stopping Janan, but she is still trying to deal with new discoveries and trying to find information to know how to fight better. They journey up north and find out more about the phoenixes and the dragons, and some very emotional revelations come to the front, which cause some really heartbreaking moments between Ana and Sam.

Ana and Sam, oh how I love them together! They are a fantastic couple with a romance that grows from friendship to love and that has to learn to trust each other, to support each other, to know how to let the other one make their own choices and that are simply perfect for each other. In Infinite they made me cry, for many reasons, but I'm so happy to say most were happy tears!

The other characters are so well done too! Secondary characters like Stef or Sarit have you rooting for them and feeling like smacking them ocasionally, but you never really have them getting mixed up in the background.

We get all the answers we could have wanted here, even if I still have some questions and theories I'd love to discuss here, but I can't because they are very much full of all sort of spoilers! I'm very happy to report I had guessed right about the sylph even if I hadn't got all the details of it right. Some of those answers were quite unexpected, and the most unexpected of them all has to do with Sam and the dragons!

The ending was one I wasn't really expecting at all, but I have to say I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. There's a battle, there are dragons and it's pretty epic. Ana has to face Janan and it is done in such a poetic way! Ana's choices have more weight than she could have ever imagined and the ending is quite final but the final paragraphs will leave the door open to imagining the future you'd want.

Infinite is a proper epic fantasy book, even if Asunder, Phoenix Overture and this one itself also gives us enough proof that it could also be considered dystopian.

Did I mention there are dragons?

5 stars without a doubt for this one.

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  1. I didn't read your review in detail because I've not started this series yet. I can't believe I haven't because so many of my blogger friends love it. Just another series I'm behind on. So happy to see that you loved it!

    1. Oh yes, you do need to read it, Kristen! Now that the last book is almost out, you can read the full series back to back!

  2. Awesome review sweetie :D I'm so happy for you that you won an ARC. <3 But also a bit jealous ;p I cannot wait to get my copy of this book; so that I can finally read the second one (A) So excited to know how this series ends :D Thank you for sharing your awesome review. <3 I'm so glad you loved the book.

    1. Thank you, Carina!
      I was beyond happy when I won this copy! Hope you'll love reading Asunder and this one back to back!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! Have a nice day or evening and keep reading!

  4. So... I'm not reading this review because I still haven't read... the first book. Ok, I haven't started this series yet, but I saw you give this 5 stars!! Which means I'll add it to my "soon to read" now! Thank you!!

    1. I hope you'll get to read the whole series back to back! It's a great series and this final book was amazing!

  5. Congratulations on winning an ARC! I wish I had more interest in this series. I have a very old ARC of Incarnate from 2012, and when I met Jodi this past June, I got it signed... but I never finished the book. I didn't like what I read, but I never finished it, which is unlike me. I have never DNF'd a book, so I know I'll go back and read it.

    Anyway, it sounds like you REALLY enjoyed this conclusion novel! I'm glad to hear that! It gives me hope, when I actually read the series. And DRAGONS. They are pretty cool :D

    Fantastic review, Pili! :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Thank you, Alyssa! I do hope you'll give the series another try, I really love it!

  6. I love this series and I'm looking forward to the finale!

    Kate @ Ex Libris

    1. It was a fantastic ending, Kate! Can't wait to hear what you think!

  7. Thank you, Aman!
    I've been a big fan of this series and the finale was perfect! Hope you'll love it!


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