Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: EyeScream Industries, Warning Label Creations & Alliebeans!!!

Hello everyone! Wednesday is here once again, and since I didn't do the Wearing Handmade Wednesday entry, I'm doing a cluster of Wearing Handmade Wednesday goodies!

And all in one photo from one day!

Here you can see the kind of bad influence I am... Gaurav all ready to leave for work in the morning, wearing his EyeScream Industries scarf, his strap cover for his bag by Warning Label Creations and his custom made pouch for his Zune by Alliebeans!

And to share a bit more about the items: the EyeScream scarf is fantastic, and not only it looks super sleek on, but it's super functional, and I've already stolen if from him and worn it myself a pair of times, which reminds me I need one for myself. The Warning Label strap cover is something G asked to get made for himself after seeing the one Jamie custom made me for my Rocky Van Gory camera bag, and let me tell you, Jamie did a brilliant job on matching the strap cover fabric to the bag colour! And last but not least, the Alliebeans pouch, once again, G saw my custom iPod pouch and wanted one pouch for his Zune, we chose a fabric he liked and Allie was so nice to even make sure both Spain & India where used for the construction of the pouch (it's a world map fabric), how cool is that?

This is proof of two things: a) I love giving handmade to others & b) The quality of the handmade items speak for themselves, so if you give handmade you can convert others to the handmade way! Now Mr G thinks he wants a new custom tripod bag for his tripod after seeing the super cool one I got for myself!


  1. hello!
    happy december ;)
    I totally agree about giving handmade gift. It's definitely much more appreciated and also you can convert the person to become a fan of handmade things too!
    G does look fabulous in all the handmade goods. yes, the scarf is lovely!

  2. I've gotten things from BOTH Nicole (Eyescream Industries) and Jamie (Warning Label) and LOVE everything I've ever gotten from them...they ROCK! <3

    PS...Gaurav, looks handsome in that pic...what a great smile he has =)

  3. Such a great picture! Spread the handmade love!

  4. He looks so cute all dressed up in his handmade finery! Ha ha ha! :D

  5. all that handmade goodness by such talented ladies!!! and btw, love his SW evolution tee too. =)

  6. Looking good! :)
    That scarf is really great!

  7. 3 items at once?! now THAT is rockin' out the handmade! :)

    and i agree with the above....he does have a great smile! :)

  8. Mr. G is so nice to be your model and rock handmade. I love that he sees what you have and then needs a custom one of his own! :)

    Happy December!

  9. Deb, I got the same tee he does (from RIPT apparel) but will get it reconstructed by Vivifromage into a nice long sleeved top!

  10. Love that picture!
    I think handmade by one person is better quality than industrial made. Because you prove and check this one piece you make a hundred times before you are satisfied.


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